Thursday, June 11, 2009

Xtreme Couture Supplements

Xtreme Couture now has a line of supplements. It's about time a fighter poked their nose into this world. It's been sitting there waiting for a couple years. This is one reason I think MMA managers are horrible. You have a perfect match between fighters and supplements. Everyone is enamored with MMA training at the moment. It's the new Tae Bo. All you really need is a popular fighter to be the spokesman for the products and some investors. Why has it taken this long for someone to do it? Even a moderately successful operation could turn out millions a year. Instead MMA managers cash their 10% checks, wait for calls from promoters, and line up ugly sponsor t-shirts for their fighters to wear.

Supposedly (probably not), this is Randy Couture's supplement schedule. Not surprisingly, he takes every product they offer. What are the odds?!

Check out this stock photo of the Xtreme Couture research lab. Looks like they're working on a new Orange Julius shake of some sort.


Anonymous said...

Rearnaked, are you studying contract law? You should become an agent or manager yourself.

Rear Naked said...

I'd have to grow a sleazy mustache or start wearing shiny suits.

Don't think I'm ready for that.