Monday, June 15, 2009

Sylvia Off Affliction Card

His career meltdown is entering legendary territory. All he's missing is a run-in with the law. Lets recap.

-After winning the first two rounds, gets submitted by Big Nog.
-Leaves UFC and signs enormous contract with Affliction.
-Promptly gets annihilated by Fedor.
-Disappears off the face of the Earth.
-Lets Monte Cox talk him into fighting 600 year old Ray Mercer in a boxing match.
-Scores a perfect ten on the unintentional comedy scale.
-Doesn't train for fight and weighs in at 310 lbs (picture!).
-Gets annihilated by Mercer.
-Dropped from Affliction's third event.


Blackhawk said...

Back to training with Twinkies!

Anonymous said...

Was there a line on the Mercer fight? People musta got killed betting Sylvia.

Trish said...

He is such a fat slob.