Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strikeforce "Lawler vs Shields" Recap

-Did you see Mike Kyle's improbable TKO victory over Rafael Feijao? Yeah, me either. I did get to see Kevin Randleman gas in a minute and a half, though.

-Kevin Randleman's striking technique reminds me of a T-Rex trying to bat coconuts from a tree.

-"Catchweight fights can also open a door to Pandora's box." Oh, that explains it. Thanks for the insight, Shamrock.

-Phil Baroni kept asking for more water before the fight. Never a good sign.

-"World renowned Cage Master" - Jimmy Lennon Jr. in reference to Nick Diaz.

-I hope Scott Smith invests his money well, because he's gonna be a mess as an old man. You could actually hear his brain weeping with each passing shot. Strikeforce needs to sideline him for at least six months and let his head heal.

-Big John is the best. I love his confidence. Most refs are afraid to break up stalled clinches, but not Big John. He doesn't mess around.

-Has Nick Diaz entered the upper echelon? I think he needs one more big win before he's fully made the leap, but he's well on his way. His evolution into a top fighter has been one of the best stories of 2009. I hope Strikeforce finds him some quality opponents at 170 lbs, which is where he belongs.

-"Some great Heavyweights in attendance...Fedor, Josh Barnett." - Gus Johnson snubs Tim Sylvia.

-As soon as I saw Michael Moore in Arlovski's corner, I knew my prediction was spot on. Arlovski needs to make a decision. Is he a boxer or a Mixed Martial Artist?

-I don't want to see Rogers get murdered against Overeem. Let him develop more, please.

-"Andrei chose the wrong tactic." - Fedor sums it up.

-How bad was Ranallo's interview with Fedor? With all the softballs flying around, I thought I was watching a Rock n' Jock.

-Lawler's pre-fight dance routine was more entertaining than the main event. He did realize there were cameras on him the entire time, right?


Anonymous said...

"Kevin Randleman's striking technique reminds me of a T-Rex trying to bat coconuts from a tree."

Well put

Mzo said...

"Has Nick Diaz entered the upper echelon?" You've been sleeping on Diaz. He's been dominating; see Diaz's gogoplata vs Gomi.

Rear Naked said...

Here's the thing with Diaz...

He beats Gomi then the next two fights are a split win over Mike Aina and a loss to Noons.

Those two fights nullify the greatness of the Gomi win.

Mzo said...

I would have liked to see another round in that Diaz Noons fight...just saying. Even Noons knew he got lucky, which is why he packed up his bags and got out of town.

Either way I don't see anyone out striking Diaz right now, the man can box.

Jim said...

Kevin Randleman's striking technique reminds me of a T-Rex trying to bat coconuts from a tree.....Pure gold! I havent laughed that hard in a long time.