Monday, June 1, 2009

Mousasi vs Babalu

The Mousasi/Belfort weight impasse could not be worked out. It's probably for the best. Belfort's career has been reborn at Middleweight and a move up in weight to face a younger top prospect would have been a dubious decision. The answer to the dilemma turned out not to be Matt Lindland, as I thought, but instead Renato "Babalu" Sobral. Mousasi and Babalu will most likely fight at 205 lbs, where Sobral currently holds the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Title.

Babalu does not get the credit he deserves. There are two reasons for this. First, the Liddell highlight reel losses are what everyone remembers. No way to erase those from the public's consciousness. Second, he beats who he's supposed to. It's kind of a backhanded compliment. Meaning, when he faces top competition, he loses. Maybe this will be Babalu's moment to get a huge win. Okay, maybe not. Mousasi is a beast. He's better on his feet and can match Babalu on the ground. It's a very solid fight, though. I'm glad Affliction did not go with Lindland and possibly derail Mousasi's career with a boring split decision loss.

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Anonymous said...

Babalu beats almost everyone he is suppose to...UFC 68: Jason Lambert...*shakes head*

Rear Naked said...

1 bad loss in 39 fights is a pretty good record.

Anonymous said...

I really like Mousasi, and Babalu is fun to watch as well. I would prefer to see Mousasi continue to rise in the ranks, however. Mousasi is a beast, but did anyone see the video of him playing around with Fedor on a mat? Of course the weight issue was a major factor, but Fedor's experience, agility, and speed make Mousasi look like a bit of an amateur. O.K., so they were just playing around: