Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mercer KOs Sylvia

Monte Cox has all but sewn up the 2009 Worst Manager award. The loss can't be blamed on him, but putting Sylvia into the position can. Managers are supposed to look out for their clients and steer their career into the right directions. A former UFC Heavyweight Champion should never be in Alabama fighting a 48 year old boxer. Sylvia had nothing to gain from it.

(The real loser in all of this is Affliction. If Sylvia isn't injured and can still fight on August 1st against Paul Buentello, they will be paying an obscene amount of money to a fighter who just got knocked out by Ray Mercer. How do you hype a fight like that? I don't even know if Sylvia can be medically suspended since Alabama does not have an Athletic Commission. God, what a mess.)

All right, one last time.


Anonymous said...

I bet he doesnt fight for Affliction next. They wont want gim.

E-Muthafukn-sentshell said...

This was almost like the last Rocky movie, marginally.

Do you think Mercer gets an offer from Japan? I see it now: MERCER VS. CROCOP!

Not many fighters get to end their career on such a (high?) note, Mercer I mean. If I was him, I'd have a big-ass retirement party with a cake shaped like a championship belt with UFC written on it in red letters.

Evidently, power IS the last thing to go!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I was looking everywhere for this vid.... As a thank you I will now click on all the ads.... 5 times