Thursday, June 18, 2009

Davis Isn't Getting A Rematch

I've been a vocal supporter of Marcus Davis, but he needs to forget about a rematch with Dan Hardy. He lost. Whenever fighters let things go to the judges, you run the risk of losing a decision. MMA scoring is suspect at best. I don't think it's corrupt. It's just a difficult sport to score. The only way around it is finishing the fight. Davis had his chances and could not put Hardy away.

A rematch does not make sense for anyone other than Davis. Hardy and the UFC have nothing to gain from it. The UFC has gone out of their way to market itself to England and Hardy's rise into relevance bolsters their thin lineup of UK fighters. There's no need to throw him back into the cage with Davis.

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Chris said...

well if the trash talking continues, coupled with the closeness of the fight and the entertainment value the first one was, a rematch could be an even bigger draw the next time ufc comes around Europe.

They did Faber Pulver for that exact reason.