Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cro Cop Leaves UFC

The UFC's experiment with a one fight deal did not go so well. Mirko Cro Cop has signed a three fight deal with DREAM and totally burned his bridge with the UFC. It's an unexpected move, as Cro Cop seemed genuine about his return to the Octagon. Before the fight, Dana White talked openly about how he never gives one fight deals and this is why. Cro Cop promised to sign on for two additional bouts after the fight, but for some reason had a change of heart (DREAM officials saw him win a fight on a UFC PPV and offered crazy money).

It's unfortunate because Cro Cop remains a very popular fighter. I think he's at the tail end of his career and wants to make the most money while he's still a draw. DREAM gives more upfront money, while the UFC gives you the chance to make huge money, as long as you win. Cro Cop took the easy money and financially it's probably his best option.

Still sucks for fans who wanted to see him matched up with the best the UFC has to offer.


Anonymous said...

Cro Cop is a washed up hack anyway. Another juiced Pride fighter who stinks out of Japan.

Anonymous said...

whaaaat? is this really true? wtf. even in his post-fight video in the locker room he was talking about fighting nog or couture.

Rear Naked said...


Someone within the UFC sent me an email and claims the deal with DREAM was pretty much set prior to UFC 99.

Maybe this will work out for the best, though. Affliction goes under after next event, Fedor signs with DREAM, Fedor vs Cro Cop.