Friday, June 26, 2009

Atencio's Priorities

In case you forgot, Tom Atencio fights tomorrow night on the ridiculous "Ultimate Chaos" PPV. Honestly, what are they hoping to do? 1,500 buys? I might order it just so I can call my friends and hear their reaction when I say, "Hey, I ordered "Ultimate Chaos"! Bring the wings!"

Maybe Atencio should spend a little more time in the office because while he was pretending to be a fighter, Dana White swooped in and stole Vitor Belfort.

(This picture confirms my belief that even fighters look like idiots when they hold their fist up for a photo.)


Anonymous said...

Atencio smaller than Tom Cruise?


Brett said...

Why aren't you a fan of mma instead of your own hobby horses? Ultimate Chaos features several awesome fights!

Anonymous said...


itsjustin said...

atencio actually won..