Monday, June 8, 2009

The 1 to Tito Scale

On a scale of 1 to Tito, how bad was Kenny Florian's commentary last night?

It surprised me because in the past I've found him less annoying than most announcers. I figured his work on MMA Live would have made him even better.


Get back to the gym, Kenny. You're sitting in Pulver's seat.


haroldh said...

He scores a Frank Mir.

Anonymous said...

I actually missed Frank Mir last night

fitzno said...

Can we make this scale?

10 - Tito

Mike Goldberg
Bill Goldberg

essential said...

Now that I think of it. There is some really shitty commentation in MMA. I theorize that good commentation was born out of the radio era-the narrator has to be worth listening to or nobody will, and, let's say baseball, would not have become as lucrative today without that ability to draw fans.

No, a fight is different; more engaging, if it wasn't, bad commentating would have killed MMA.

Harry Carry? Howard Cosel? (misspelled I'm sure) Shit, even Pat Foley or John Madden. Now that I'm ranting, I wouldn't want a John Madden-type commentator: "He wont win the fight if he doesn't hit his opponent." or other jems: "Now you see here, Fabricio ducks his head and BOOM! he gets knocked out because he was punched hard in the face."

Maybe that's the next evolution in MMA; Legendary Commentation.

Anonymous said...

The best MMA commentator ever is Jim Brown.

Rear Naked said...

Announcers in all sports would benefit greatly from shutting the hell up from time to time. Let the images speak for themselves.

Goldberg's worst trait is he can't help but call out strikes.

"Couture connects with a right!"

Then you see the replay and Couture actually got hit by a right and the punch he threw didn't even connect. This happens repeatedly in MMA. It's really quite difficult to describe exchanges in real time. I'm not sure why Goldberg keeps trying to do it.

Anonymous said...

You know who I really liked as a commentator? Bas Ruten, who used to announce for the IFL.

I was very new to MMA, and learned a ton from the way he was always explaining things, like what an Americana was or why they were in a given position.

essential said...

oh duh, of course Bas Rutten is Great! He and Kenny Rice do a pretty good job now that I think of it. Kenny does have a little "salesman" in his commentating, but it shows enthusiasm.

I also agree that announcers should shut the fuck up and stop killing us with stats. That's why Watching fights with Japanese announcers is radical, you can't understand them unless you can speak Japanese and they always sound so involved with the fight, even if its Canseco vs. Hong Man Choi; and everybody who wins is the greatest in the world for that second.

Mzo said...

If Tito is a 10, Bas is a 1 in my book. He's always got me cracking up.

"EVERYONE underestimates the kick in the groin."

"Ooooh that's a nice shot to the liver. You know, i heard that there's some people out there that take a shot of whatever they are drinking everytime i say liver shot. So this one's for you guys: liver shot, liver shot, liver shot"

"apparently the the only way to kill a lion is by rear naked choke...personally i'd just kick it in the head."

Chris said...

I liked frank in the commentator seat, but then he went and became torres' butt buddy in his last title defense.