Sunday, May 24, 2009

UFC 98 Recap

-Enough cannot be said about how easily Lyoto Machida defeated Rashad Evans. The thing that stood out to me was how much damage he inflicted without ever being in danger. When Chuck Liddell fought Evans, every time he threw a punch, I was thinking, "Oh man, he's leaving himself out there." Same thing with Forrest Griffin. Machida was the polar opposite. The Light Heavyweight division has been a knockout division for a long time and I don't know if you can beat Machida like that. As crazy as it sounds, I think a wrestler would have the best chance. Striking with him is the wrong way to go.

-I didn't touch on this during the Live Results, however, it needs to be said. Matt Serra kind of got screwed by the judges. He also screwed himself. Let me explain. In the 1st Round, Hughes walked into Serra's head. It was an accidental headbutt and it almost knocked Hughes completely out. Serra capitalized with a barrage of punches. It was a totally one-sided round until Hughes made a Hulk Hogan comeback and slammed Serra to the ground. The takedown changed the round from a possible 10-8 to 10-9 Serra. The only person Serra can blame for the lost point is himself. He had Hughes dead on his feet and let him survive. In the 2nd Round Hughes controlled the action and took it 10-9. The 3rd Round is where I think the judges might have screwed Serra a little bit. Both fighters scored takedowns, although I'd say Serra's was more impressive considering he is 5'4 and Hughes looked like Mark McGwire last night. Serra also worked offensively from the bottom. Hughes did almost nothing from the top. I scored the round 10-9 Hughes, but after watching it again, I think Serra won it. All three judges scored it 10-9 Hughes.

-Sean Sherk needs to see a psychologist. You're facing a smaller fighter. Go for takedowns the entire fight. Wear him out. The only way he beats you is by standing. The term "complete fighter" is to blame for Sherk's odd strategies of late. No one wants to be known as one-dimensional anymore. Wrestlers want to be strikers and strikers want to be submission experts. It doesn't make sense to me. Use your strengths to your advantage and let the other guy adapt to them.

-Phillipe Nover's career is turning into one of those new shows TV networks hype like crazy then by mid season they're cancelled.

-Overall it was a good PPV. The Sherk/Edgar and Sonnen/Miller fights were awful. The rest of the main card was great. It'll be interesting to see how many PPV buys it does. The recent media blitz by Dana White to promote the video game will help. Without it, I think you'd be looking at a 350K event. With it, I'm gonna guess 450K.

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Kim said...

Evans is a total loser! He was useless and bearly threw any strikes. His goose was cooked before he entered the octagon because of his fear of Mashida.