Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tim Sylvia Not Too Bright

"Its something I've always wanted to pursue and if it works out like I'd like for it too, I can switch over. I don't want to be done with MMA, but the money is a lot better in boxing. Plus its a lot easier on your body and its a lot easier to train for a boxing match than it is an MMA match." - Tim Sylvia via Fighters Only

Money and easier training. Wow, Sylvia didn't hold back. Most guys would have said to test themselves.

His idea of boxing paydays is way off. Yes, there are 3-5 boxers who make millions a fight. No, Sylvia does not have any chance of ever being one of them. He's fighting Ray Goddamn Mercer in Alafrigginbama. Probably not the best way to launch your multi-million dollar boxing career. There is also the problem of Sylvia not being a draw. In MMA, the fans barely cared about him. Crossing over to boxing makes him even less interesting. I think we will eventually see an MMA fighter make a ton of money on a boxing PPV, but it isn't gonna be Sylvia.

(Never gets old)

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