Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Silva vs Jones Jr.

A year ago I was enamored with everything Anderson Silva did. He could have taken a crap in the center of the cage and I would have thought, "Did you see the size of it? Wow." Since then he has become one of the most annoying fighters to follow. I think having Ed Soares as his spokesman doesn't help, either. There is something sleazy about him. I'm sure he's a great manager and makes his fighters huge amounts of money, but as a voice, he sucks.

The latest Silva development is he wants to fight Roy Jones Jr. in the UFC under MMA rules. Dana White immediately shot it down, comparing the proposed fight to something Pride or K-1 would do. I gotta agree with him. There is zero need to ever have such a fight in the UFC. White and the other executives have done a masterful job of positioning the UFC between entertainment and sport. A Silva/Jones fight would firmly place them on the pro wrestling side of the equation.

There is also the business side to think about. How much money would it take to sign Roy Jones Jr.? My guess is millions. Would Silva/Jones bring in enough PPV buys to offset such a salary? My guess is no f'n way. Silva is a terrible PPV draw and Jones Jr. has not been relevant for years. Now if it was Floyd Mayweather Jr., you might have something, but again, I do not think it is worth it. MMA is thriving and does not need to become a sideshow to survive.

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Blackhawk said...

Yeah as big of an MMA fan that I am I really don't want to see guys crossing line liks this. Dana is smart to shoot it down and call it what it is.

The Forrest vs Anderson fight is what I want to see....not this crap.