Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rampage and Evans on TUF 10

All right, at this point it seems like the following scenario played out...

Dana White: Hey Quinton!
Rampage: Please don't make me fight Machida.
Dana White: Sure thing, pal.
Rampage: How 'bout some black on...
Dana White: If you say that stupid joke one more time, I'm making you fight Machida.
Rampage: Sorry.

Rampage and Rashad Evans will coach the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter. Rampage was given the choice between fighting for the title or taking on Evans. Since Rampage is too scared to face Machida, it appears Mauricio Rua will get the title shot. Is this how the Machida era will go? Clear cut number one contenders turning down title shots? I sure hope not.

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You're an idiot!