Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Back

Where have you been?

This semester killed me. The end of it was particularly devastating. I'm still not sure how I wrote all the papers I did without a constant drip of meth pumping into my arm.

How excited are you for Cro Cop's return to the UFC?

I'd give it a 5 on the Give A Crap Meter. His best days are over and at this point he's a sideshow fighter. It's a brilliant move by the UFC, though. The Euro fans will go crazy when he kicks Al-Turk's head into the cheap seats.

I should explain what a "sideshow fighter" means. It's not someone like Hong Man Choi or Kimbo Slice. To me a sideshow fighter is anyone who can still draw interest, but isn't a legit title contender. The most notable are Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva.

Will Evans/Machida bore the hell out of everyone watching?

I think we're in for a five rounder and at least 3 and a half of those rounds will be entertaining. The 1st round will probably draw boos, but things will get better as it goes deeper. I'm looking forward to seeing Greg Jackson's gameplan. If he comes up with a way to beat Machida, I'll give in and call him a genius from now on. I really hope Goldberg shuts the hell up between rounds and lets us hear what Jackson tells Evans.

Why is Strikeforce putting one of their best younger fighters against Andrei Arlovski?

Because they're smart and realize MMA fans want to see compelling fights. Brett Rogers does not need anymore build-up fights. You can only protect a guy for so long.

Is BJ Penn really training with Todd Marinovich's dad?

Imagine what Penn will be like when he nears the end of his career. He's slowly going crazy, I think. Here's my list of things that will probably happen at some point in the future.

3. Huge argument with Dana White, quits UFC, starts a rival promotion with himself as the biggest name.
2. Starts dressing like Jesper Parnevik.
1. Brings back the afro/mustache combo.

I'd be shocked if at least two of those did not happen in the next ten years.

Does the winner of Velasquez/Kongo get a title shot?

Velasquez, definitely not. Kongo, probably not. I think we will see the winners of Lesnar/Mir and Couture/Nogueira fight in the winter (almost certainly if Lesnar and Couture win). The winner of Kongo/Velasquez should fight Shane Carwin. Then the winner of that would be a clear number one contender and face the champion in late winter or early spring of 2010.

What did you think of the Lost finale?

The opening scene was perfect. My only issue was the ending. No way Juliet survives the fall and even if she does, no way she's able to move. And how did she miss all those metal objects? Didn't anyone think, "Hmmm, maybe we're taking the drama of her death a little far. How about she just falls down the giant hole and dies?" Other than that, I'm pumped for the final season.

Will you be doing UFC 98 Live Results?



Sheriff said...

. Brings back the afro/mustache combo...

HAHA, I'm not a Penn fan by any means but if he does try to bring that back I'll buy one of his shirts for sure.

Anonymous said...

Its about frigging time!

Chieffan12 said...

Missed your posts...good shit!!

Anonymous said...

OK, it was a bit of a stretch. But did you notice what Juliet (and the bomb) landed in? The bottom of the pit was muddy and wet, not hard rock.

Also she looked pretty messed up, before she started trying to banging on a bomb with a rock.

Rear Naked said...

I just can't get over the ending. It really sucks because it was solid until they decided to hammer the audience over the head with how tragic her death was.

I say it takes three episodes before Sawyer is hooking up with Kate again.