Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Affliction Sucks" - Bellator

"We paid attention like crazy to what they were doing incorrectly and have tried desperately to shy away from it," Rebney said. "(We) tried desperately to not find ourselves in that spot and to not make similar mistakes to those made by the IFL, Elite, and obviously Affliction, I don't know what their current status is, but they're not in a growth curve. Let's put it that way." - Bjorn Rebney, Bellator CEO

It's pretty bad when you get mentioned last in a sentence with the IFL and EliteXC. Poor Affliction. They deserve equal parts credit and disbelief for their foray into MMA promotion. I'll miss them when they're gone.

I'm still not sure what to make of Bellator. In many ways, I think this first season of events has been about proving to ESPN it can work. Once live events begin airing on ESPN2, it'll be easier to tell if this thing has legs or not. At this point, it is a niche product for Spanish speaking and hardcore MMA fans.

(Quote courtesy of MMA Fanhouse)


Panama said...

Bellator is only going to make it if they can land on ESPN or ESPN2. Nobody has ESPN Deportes.

Anonymous said...

ESPN2 this fall.

VJ Rabid said...

I find myself getting into the weekly routine of watching Bellator, although their human interest angle on the fighters doesn't seem to be working for me just yet.