Thursday, April 9, 2009

Women's Group Wants Apology

This is going a bit far. Apparently the word "bitch" is off-limits now too. How about we just get rid of all words with a negative connotation? Everything will be positive and we'll prance around in a Willy Fucking Wonka Chocolate Factory all day long.


Katrina said...

So it's okay that he BARELY trashed gays in his rant, but apologized when GLAAD jumped all over his case -- and now that a women's group is taking him to task for trashing a woman, repeatedly and MUCH more than he did gay's too much?

NO - it's not too much. He should apologize. The words he used did not just have negative connotations attached to them, they're offensive and he purposely used them because of their offensive nature. Just like gay bashing and using the "N" word is offensive to gays and African-Americans, the words he used to degrade women are offensive to women.

It's not right that it's become socially-acceptable to not only use such language in reference to women, but to then take offense when women stand up against such abuse.

Stop trying to justify your use of offensive language, which by its very nature was designed to abuse and ridicule women. Did you not have a mother, a sister, a daughter, a grandmother? Yeah...think about it.

Anonymous said...

I hope Dana tells these bitches to get back in the kitchen and shut the hell up.

Blackhawk said...

Katrina please don't compare the B word to the N word, they aren't even close.

People in this coutry have become so offended by the little things. There is a group that demands an appology for everything any more.

When someone like Dana who uses profanity to describe the color of the sky, calls a woman the B word it is like you calling him an idiot or stupid.

Yet had he chossen to use the word stupid I am sure there is a group out there that would be offended....provided they were smart enough to figure out he was slamming them.

Katrina said...

Sorry Blackhawk, but they are very close to me. You must not be a woman, especially one from my era who's had to fight for her rights in society and deal with workplace abuse in many male-dominated industries like I have, or you'd understand.

My point to Rear Naked is not that I personally took offense to what Dana said (I have a thick skin - I don't give a rat's patootie...he wasn't addressing me) as much as I took offense to his feeling that it was going too far for a women's group to demand an apology.

It wasn't going too far. My feelings on the matter, plain and simple. I actually know Rear Naked from a variety of online networking groups and respect his opinion on many things. I just don't agree with him on his comment!

Blackhawk said...

Katrina while I respect what you are saying and you are correct that I am not a woman you clearly aren't black. You clearly aren't one that had to grow up in the south. Last time I checked there isn't a group of white sheeted men running around yelling at you about how much they hate you. You didn't see them in you youth drving around town with the confederate flag looking for memebers. Years ago they weren't killing your fore fathers (mothers sorry).

I don't doubt that the word is offensive to you and I am not saying that you shouldn't be offended by it. Yet you clearly have no idea what the N word means. That is part of the problem with groups who want apologies, they lump their cause in with the N word. Siting they are no different in their suffering yet not understanding what suffering really is. Have womens rights come a long way? Yeah but they never were anywhere close to slavery yet I am sure some will make that arguemnet as well. Don't take my word for it call up a black woman and ask her which is more offensive to her.

Anonymous said...

"Everything will be positive and we'll prance around in a Willy Fucking Wonka Chocolate Factory all day long."

One of your best.

Katrina said...

Well it's a shame that sort of thing happened to you, Blackhawk, but this isn't about race.

It's about people being respectful to each other, using appropriate language, and if you mess up, admitting it and then apologizing - because you mean it. It's about RE-sensitizing Americans so they can see that calling each other names is not only NOT appropriate, but is completely unacceptable.

So you're saying we can't use the "N" word 'cause it'll offend you; we can't call gay people certain words; we can't call other races by their nicknames, but STILL it's okay to call women, in public, with absolutely no remorse or apologies, and in fact everyone is allowed to make fun of it...a bitch or a c-word?

Yeah - like you're ever going to win that argument with me.

Katrina said...

By the way - I didn't "compare" the B-word to the N-word. What I said was that they're both offensive to the receiving party. Just like calling gays certain words, or Italians, or the Chinese, or the Japanese, or the Jewish, etc. Apparently your response is proof that indeed that word is offensive to you, just like the b-word is offensive to me.

Anonymous said...

Katrina, I hope you watch your children get pushed into a wood-chipper.

Anonymous said...

^ That's a little inappropriate. Not really helping any sort of arguement you may have either.

Now with that said, I think this rant business has gotten a little out of hand. I don't see how "bitch" is much different from "asshole," or "moron," but because it's commonly associated with women, he has to apologize to a women's group? He's called a male a bitch in the past, should he apologize for that? Or perhaps apologize to a men's group for calling another man an asshole or a dickhead? Maybe White's rant was a little excessive, but I don't believe anyone is owed an apology, not even Loretta Hunt.

Katrina said...

Until you're a woman and get called the b-word or c-word, you never will get it. Just like if you're not African-American, you'll never really understand being called the n-word, or if you're not Jewish you won't understand being called the j-word, or if you're not Italian you won't understand being called the w-word and so on. You just won't get it. Asshole, moron, dickhead? Man, woman, black, white, Italian, Jewish -- anyone can be called that and it's not personal. Call a man a bitch, and you're just playing around. But call a woman a b-word or a c-word? No - it's not acceptable. And should he apologize to a women's group? No - he should first apologize to Loretta Hunt, and then apologize to his wife, then to his daughter, and then to all women publicly. It wouldn't matter though, as coming from DW, since we'd know he didn't mean it, his apology would be useless.

Pretty much if you're a white male in America, especially a white male who's had some privileged life, you could never understand the way a woman feels when she's degraded as DW did, and some of the men on this blog have done, to a woman. You just don't see the harm. Sad.

Funny thing is, I'll bet if DW or any other man walked up to your wife or mother or daughter and called her a bitch or the c-word, he'd have hell to pay. Or would you just laugh, pat him on the back, and say "hey - don't worry about it - that was FUN-NY! No - no apology needed, she IS a bitch!"??? See what I mean?

BTW - with the exception of the last "Anonymous", who is obviously intelligent and has some respect, the others who are posting on here under Anonymous and not using their names are cowards. You might not like what I have to say and you certainly don't have to agree with it, but at least I'm willing to stand up and use my real name and not throw out abuses and hide behind anonymity.

Jake said...


Why should he apologize if the apology means nothing? Do you care if he is genuine or not? It's a genuine question.

Katrina said...
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Katrina said...

Hey Jake - exactly. He should apologize, if he means it. If not, then yeah...why bother. Like does anyone really think when he made his apology to GLAAD and threw in one to the mentally handicapped he actually meant it? I doubt it - but he didn't want to tick off those powerful organizations, so he did it to appease them.

Chris said...

Female dogs can talk?

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