Sunday, April 19, 2009

Um, Wow

That main event was so bad, I don't even want to make fun of it. Can we just forget it happened and move on? I don't blame Silva for the way he fought. Every time he got within punching distance, Leites fell down, so he stayed away and kicked the hell out of his leg/knee all fight. My main beef is with the UFC for even putting this together. Silva needs opponents who aren't afraid of him. Leites was in over his head. Every MMA fan knew it from the moment the fight was announced. I guess the thinking was, "Lets give Anderson someone to kill, so people forget about the Cote fight." It makes sense, but the execution was all wrong. You don't put a relatively inexperienced jiu-jitsu ace with limited stand-up into a PPV main event against one of the best counterpunchers in MMA. It's probably the worst recipe for an entertaining fight there is.

Silva needs opponents who believe they can hurt him. I say give him a Light Heavyweight to chew on this summer. I can't sit through another one of these. As much as I love Demain Maia, the thought of him spending five rounds getting kicked in the knee does not make me excited.


Anonymous said...

Silva is all about clinching. When he doesn't he looks like last nite. Wrestlers are good opponents for him.

Anonymous said...

yea the ufc has to challenge him or else he won't need to fight hard to win.

Anonymous said...

i am a fan of good fighters and silva is a great fighter but the way he jumped up on the ring after that shitstorm really made me lose a lot of respect for the guy. he had many many chances to capitalize but he chose the safe route. there is no excuse im willing to accept for that fight, from silva, dana white or anyone.

Brian said...

There's one thing that i am a little concerned with... that knee kick that he kept on using, to me, was poor sportsmanship. to me, those kicks should be illegal as much as the hit behind the head or in the back. that kick is a knee breaking kick and a career killer! I was really disappointed in this one, and on top of it all it was from a fighter that usually is so explosive!!!

Chris said...

I personally liked the fight. Don't get me wrong, it would have been nice to see some action, but the fight really showcased what I think as a severely underutilized moved: the leg kick.

Silva just started wailing on his right leg, which basically took Leite's game out.

Can't shoot on a bad leg, can't move fast enough with a bad leg, can't dodge punches effectively with a bad leg.

In the third round the ref should have called it when Leites basically stopped fighting all together. Unable to fight intelligently after all those kick was just like a tko.

Chris said...

And because I didn't read all of the comments, you can just as easily break a guys arm with an arm bar, noses get broken all the time with straight punches, bones get broken with almost any type of move.

Heck a powerful enough muay thai can kick a femur in two if a guy doesn't have the experience.

The point is, its mma, bones are going to be broken with any type of move. Almost anything can end a career. If a fighter is going to give his opponent something to hit, his opponent would be stupid not to hit it. Its all point scoring, and its all damage that leads to a fight victory.

essential said...


Sorry RNN about the caps, but seriously, how can someone say "Oh, that kick to the knee can end someone's career." Um, hello, what do you think a KTFO does for someone? Improve their golf-game?

Again, I apologize for the rant for I find internet arguing LESS than pointless, but someone had to say it. Don't even come close to a cagefight if you don't want your career to end.

Chris said...

I'm assuming he's disagreeing with brian...

essential said...

Fuck, I meant I agree with Chris.

These 3am posts should be written at 3pm.

Yeah, Big Silva Fan. Can see why he would make a point to drag it out 5 rounds with pure combat creativity. Real Martial Arts.

His next opponent, be it Wanderlei, Shogun, GSP Henderson/Bisbing, fucking Fedor, is going to be technically demolished in the first round like the Twin Towers.