Wednesday, April 1, 2009

UFC's April Fools' Joke

You gotta give them credit. I have a hard enough time going to law school and posting once a day. Meanwhile, they're promoting multiple events, producing TV shows, negotiating contracts, and making fun of Fedor. I'm sure this joke will go over well with his handlers and their classic Russian sense of humor.
UFC President Dana White today greenlighted work to begin on the construction of a new Zuffa-owned stadium in Russia that will be able to hold a number of different sporting events, including soccer, boxing, and of course, mixed martial arts.

“This is a big moment for the company and I couldn’t have picked a better day to announce this monumental event,” said White. “I can’t wait for this Stadium to be finished and we’re even including the fans in the process by holding a contest on the internet for people to choose the name of it.”

Construction is tentatively scheduled to be done in time for UFC 115 on April 1st, 2010.

“A Project like this Reaches millions In the Largest group of Fans in the sport,” said White. “Out Of all the places in the world to put up a stadium, this was the only place for us, and we’re gonna Love Seeing the UFC here.”

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Rocco D said...

Put Don Frye in the Hall of Fame.
I am challenging anyone with guts to petition alongside me to get Don "The Predator" Frye inducted into the Hall of Fame