Friday, April 24, 2009

TUF 9 Is Great So Far

-They're actually showing training footage. It's either a miracle or the house crap was so boring this season that they have no other choice. Wasn't it interesting watching Bisping and the UK coaches watching film and going over their gameplan? I kept waiting for the inevitable five minute chunk of house time, but it never came. I'm delighted.

-Frank Lester is the most hilarious character they've ever had on TUF. He's the master of shadow boxing. No one does it better.

-Hopefully I never have to talk to Dan Henderson, because I'll fall asleep midway through his first sentence.

-Damarques Johnson is the opposite of funny.


Anonymous said...

Did they pick the top guys for U.S. team? I been hearing they didn't.

Anonymous said...

I'm having difficulty comprehending that question. Are you asking if they picked the best guys that showed up for tryouts? If so how could anyone but Joe Silva possibly know that?

Anonymous said...

Top guys from tryouts. The U.S. team looks weak.

Virgil said...

Dan henderson could kick your ass though!

Anonymous said...

It's way too early to judge the caliber of talent of either team, but TUF has never necessarily been about talent.