Monday, April 6, 2009

Torres Wins A War Over Mizugaki

The fight began awkwardly when the referee stumbled over his words and told the fighters, "Touch gloves and go back to your gloves...Corners!" After that it was pure gold. Torres showed his usual multi-faceted brilliance with a barrage of punches, kicks, knees, shoulders, and elbows. Even though it's expected, it's still something special to watch him work in the cage. What we didn't expect was the iron chin and tenacity of his opponent, Takeya Mizugaki.

I think the 1st Round belonged to Mizugaki. He landed more solid punches, while Torres seemed content to warm up during the initial five minutes. Round 2 was difficult to score, but to me Torres won it. The last three rounds Torres took over with his superior conditioning. Mizugaki slowed down late in the 2nd and never seemed capable of sustaining an attack for more than a flurry. Torres repeatedly pressed him into the cage and delivered dozens of knees. Mizugaki had no energy to push him off and it ultimately cost him the fight.

(I'll stop here to say a word about Frank Mir...He might have delivered the most one-sided call ever. From the opening bell all he did was praise Torres. If Mir was a judge, he would have had it 742-3 Torres.)

It was a great fight. Definitely worth watching, if you missed it. After seeing Torres relentlessly working in the 5th Round, I really don't think he's losing any time soon. He's as complete of a fighter as we have right now and you're a fool if you don't enjoy it.


Anonymous said...

Who was the judge with the bright orange pony tail?


Anonymous said...

REF sorry

Chris said...

Probably someone from the area, it was hosted in chicago illinois.

Landon Tucker said...

If I didn't hate Frank Mir before watching this fight (which I didn't...), I certainly do now after that abysmal commentary. I was horrible.

I watched the fight, then read your commentary and I laughed my ass off at your Mir comments. Pure gold.

Yev said...

I wholly agree...the whole fight, I was waiting for him to stop praising Torres. I love Torres, he's one of my favorite fighters and he certainly is nasty - but that was just too much.