Friday, April 10, 2009

Sylvia/Mercer In A Cage

This just keeps getting better. First, New Jersey decided it wanted no parts of a six round boxing match between Tim Sylvia and Ray Mercer. Promoter Monte Cox then moved the fight to Alabama, where apparently it's the modern Wild West and anything goes. Now MMAJunkie has learned the fight will take place in a cage. A boxing match in an MMA cage makes about as much sense as that glowing puck Fox used for hockey games in the late 90s.

Cox claims, "It just makes sense on so many levels, and it adds another twist to the main event."

Here are some other twists I came up with...

-Sylvia must wear a shirt like a fat kid at the pool so we don't have to see his physique.
-At random times during the fight, the lights will go out and MMA will be allowed.
-If Sylvia loses, he's never allowed to fight in an MMA bout again.

The funniest quote of the story comes from Sylvia. He says, "This could open up a whole new career for me. I hope that beating Mercer will open the eyes of some boxing promoters."

Yeah, I'm sure beating up a 48 year old man is going to impress the pants off the boxing world.

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