Friday, April 3, 2009

Sherdog Blows

On April Fools' Day, Fightlinker put up a satirical picture of a website called "Shitdog". Shitdog was not amused. Their lawyers are threatening Fightlinker over trademark issues. They want them to hand over their profits from April 1st. You gotta love the American legal system. Remind me why I'm studying to be a lawyer again? Seriously, if I'm stuck writing a document someday with lines like, "The mark SHITDOG is spelled and pronounced confusingly similarly to the mark SHERDOG.", please come to my office and shoot me in the face.

It is stuff like this that makes Shitdog hated by a large segment of MMA fans. They take themselves too seriously. Fightlinker has little to worry about. They're covered. In fact, they should probably thank Shitdog for giving them all this free publicity.


haroldh said...

Shitdog's page confuses me. I can never find anything.

TheCloudyOne said...

Man shitdog sucks hairy balls, they should get off their selfrighteous bullshit