Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paulo Filho Still Jobless

Prior to his awful loss against Chael Sonnen, Paulo Filho was being mentioned as the fighter who had the best chance to knock off Anderson Silva. Then he missed weight and had an acid trip in the cage. Months later the fallout still has not subsided. Filho is without a job and many MMA fans are wondering if he will ever live up to expectations.

First the bad news...Filho will not be fighting for Bellator. According to his manager, the contract was too restrictive. I read that as, "We didn't want him losing in the first round of the Middleweight Tournament then being relegated to fighting Bellator nobodies for the rest of his contract." Of course you can draw your own conclusions (he's too fat to make Middleweight right now).

The good news is DREAM is very high on Filho. He might even be ready for DREAM.9 in May, although DREAM.10 in July is more likely (at LHW). I hope he actually has his crap together and makes a strong comeback. When he's not all crazy, he's a legit talent. I'm not sure if a permanent move to Light Heavyweight will work out in the long run, though. If he plans on getting to the UFC, he needs to figure out a way to be a Middleweight. The UFC Light Heavyweights are too big.

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