Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nick Diaz vs Scott Smith

Strikeforce continues to impress me. Babalu goes down with an injury, killing one of their featured bouts on June 6th, so they respond by adding Nick Diaz vs Scott Smith. The fight will be at a catchweight of 180 lbs.

The June 6th card now features at least two can't miss fights. The other being the main event between Robbie Lawler and Jake Shields. There is also still the possibility Alistair Overeem will defend his Strikeforce Heavyweight Title that night.

I'm glad Strikeforce is stacking their cards. My biggest worry with them was they'd fall into the EliteXC line of thinking and protect their most popular fighters. Instead they are consistently setting up marquee match-ups and forcing their best to face top competition. It's good for them, the sport, and of course the fans.

(I realize there is a segment of MMA fans who do not like catchweight fights. Personally, I don't care. If a big fight can be made by setting up a catchweight, I say make it happen. It's always interesting to see how a fighter will fare when they step up in weight and catchweights allow this to occur a lot more than the established MMA weight classes.)

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