Monday, April 6, 2009

Junkie's WAMMA Puff Piece

MMAJunkie has a book length puff piece up about WAMMA getting a sponsor. It was written by Steve Sievert, who also happens to be on the WAMMA Ranking Committee. Funny how that works, right? Fans always get on Kevin Iole for being a UFC spokesperson, which he is, but this article by Sievert is much worse. It goes along with WAMMA's strategy to infiltrate the MMA media and alter public opinion. Their Ranking Committee has nothing to do with actually getting things correct. It's all about stacking it with anyone with a website, in the hopes they will in return write positive articles about WAMMA.

Well, it worked in this case. According to Sievert, since WAMMA is close to getting a sponsor, that means they are credible. Never mind the fact they plan on whoring their fake titles out to whoever gives them the most money. He never touches on the subject, or anything negative. It's a complete puff piece meant to convince fans that WAMMA is their friend. Propaganda. Form a line everyone and thank WAMMA for putting advertisements on their belts.

I also like how he placed a Dana White tirade update at the end of the article. Nice touch, Sievert. Real slick.

(If you're bored, check out the list of the Ranking Committee. Be careful what you read, MMA fans.)


chappyd said...

tampax lightweight title

Anonymous said...

Does wamma ever do anything right?