Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Need Your Help

No, this is not some lame attempt to make me money. All I'm asking for is access to your MMA memory. Email me any fights you remember with questionable stoppages. I don't need videos, just a list will do.


Anonymous said...

Anthony Johnson vs. Kevin Brown

Anonymous said...

Verdum vs. Vera?

Brown vs. Sell

Kimbo vs. Thompson

Cantwell vs. Al-Hassan

Anonymous said...

baroni vs belfort....may not be to everyone but to anyone who wants to see baroni get beat on some more this was indeed questionable.

Jim said...

at least i could swear it was belfort mooshing him up but i could be wrong.

chappyd said...

mir vs nog was fast and weird with how nog is known to comeback.

chappyd said...

koscheck vs thiago
riley vs nelson

Anonymous said...

evan tanner vs phil baroni 1

Chris said...

Strikeforce and kimbo are mutual reach around the stoppage wasn't questionable if you think of it that way.

It was mirs constant pounding and not relenting that had the stop, nog came back after breaks in poundings.

Cantwell vs stann first title was a lot quicker if I remember correctly.

graeme said...

Mir vs. Lesnar was ify

Chris said...

What's iffy about a tapout?

While steve mazagati was a dumbass for the one point stoppage, Mir never stopped throwing submission attempts. He'll admit to taking a beating because he did and to say otherwise would just show stupidity, but he's a fighter, he can take a few hits.

essential said...

Watch out, its the MMA POLICE.

I thought the Mazzagatti point deduction PLUS his late intervention to stop the fight was enough to list that here. Sorry, bacon man.

Less the arguing: Diaz vs. Noons?

What about Sonnen vs. Filho 1?


Essential said...

Parysian vs. Alves

Alves vs. Lytle