Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fight Night Thoughts

  • Carlos Condit needs to stop going to the bottom. I realize he "fights like that", but it kills him with the judges. Until judges become jiu-jitsu aces, they're almost always gonna see the guy on the bottom as losing the fight. Doesn't matter how many subs you try or whether the guy on top is doing anything.
  • I thought Kampmann won the fight. It wouldn't have upset me to see the decision go either way, though.
  • Tyson Griffin is such a pleasure to watch. He passed Clay Guida last night on my list of "Favorite Fighters to Watch Win or Lose".
  • When Dana White dies, Helio Gracie is gonna arm bar him into submission for the Mask tribute stuff. Evan Tanner is probably wondering what the hell is up too.
  • Tim Credeur won again. It's time for Joe Silva to get him a tough opponent. I wanna see what this guy can do.
  • Okay, no more Junie Browning on the main card until he beats someone decent. He looked way out of his league last night and it's not like Cole Miller is Shinya Aoki.


Anonymous said...

Condit won. Did you see Kampman's face?

Blackhawk said...

Tyson won me over last night more than any other fight of his. I found myself literally out of my seat rooting for him. That leg compression was nasty. He isn't above Clay in my book but pretty darn close.

Junie is still very green but I think with more experience he will get there. Cole Miller could have been the bigger man and not talked back or at least shook Junie's hand but alas I think he is just as big a jerk as he claims Browning is.

Love Credeur and would have rather seen his fight on the main card.

Ryan Bader looked really good with his take downs and while I realize he was fighting a very good wrestler his submissions weren't solid. He got to them easy but couldn't finish. Man his up side is huge and I think he will be really tough to beat once he gets better at the submissions.

Anonymous said...

I was really happy that Tyson won. For one thing, his opponent grabbed the cage while Tyson was trying to slam him. Right after that, Tyson fell into that unbelievably nasty leg compression, so I wonder how it would have gone if that slam had worked.

First anon post: Did you see Condit's face right as the bell went? He knew it was not his match, and that anything could happen.

Anonymous said...

Condit thought he won, you can tell by the way he was pumping his fist while they waited for the judges decision.

He did more damage to Kampmann, but the fact that he spent most of the third round on his back cost him the fight.

I had Condit win round 1 and 2, and Kampmann win round 3.

Are you obsessed? said...

I agree that I thought Kampmann won after watching but it obviously was so close.

Chris said...

One more loss for Junie and maybe they'll dumb his ass on the curb, anyone know how many fights his contract is for?