Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ed Herman Is Awesome

Earlier today the UFC's Twitter page announced Yushin Okami suffered an injury and would not be able to face Dan Miller at UFC 98. Then they got themselves in trouble by stating, "Dan Miller will fight an awesome replacement challenger." This of course sent fans into hysterics as they pondered the choices. Well, it turns out the "awesome replacement challenger" is Ed Herman. Yes, the same Ed Herman who was a loss away from getting cut at UFC 97. I actually am a Herman fan, but to categorize him as "awesome" is a huge stretch.

Here are some other huge stretches I came up with...

Georges St-Pierre doesn't shave his legs.
Marcus Davis is Irish.
Ed Soares is a trustworthy translator.
Mauro Ranallo doesn't try too hard.
UFC gyms will be popular.
Dan Miragliotta makes sound decisions.

(The UFC must be monitoring this site because now Herman has been replaced by Chael Sonnen, who I guess they feel is more awesome. By the time UFC 98 gets here, Dan Miller might be fighting Jose Canseco.)


katep said...

He definitely shaves his legs!

Anonymous said...

DH Souter vs Jose Canseco.

Anonymous said...

Should I cancel my membership to the ufc gym?