Sunday, April 19, 2009

Damage Control

“I apologize. I personally apologize for what happened tonight. You guys know, this isn’t what the UFC was built on and this isn’t the way the fights usually go. Listen, any night you can have an off-night. When a guy is that talented and can literally end a fight whenever he wants to, wow.” - Dana White

Take a look in the mirror. You're the one who spent a month telling us why this was such a great match-up and how Leites deserved to be there (which really boiled down to, "He got knee'd in the face and didn't quit.") If Jurassic Park taught me anything, it's you can't feed a T-Rex like a dog. They want to hunt for their dinner. Let Silva hunt. Give him an opponent who will fight back, instead of fall to his back every time he gets touched. Yushin Okami and Demain Maia...the noise you just heard was the door slamming on your possible title shots.


Anonymous said...

The way i see it is that Silva didnt even want to be there in Montreal, Canada. Even when Joe Rogan was talking to him at the end of the fight he was walking away in uninterest, it was clear that he went there with the idea of putting on a poor show. The Canadian fans gave the biggest attendance in UFC history and were rewarded by a poor performance like this. anyone who know UFC and Anderson Silva's fight game, know that he could have finished this in the 2nd round and possibly the first. I wasnt fortunate enough to be at the Bell center, but i watched it in a "Cage au Sport" and left paying a bill of food and beer, bringing home a feeling of disappointment. I'm wondering if there next stop to Montreal will be as inthusiastic???

Blackhawk said...

Wow you think he didn't come to fight? After the last event where Cote blew out his knee and the fans were upset the last thing he wanted to do would be come out and dodge a fight as you are suggesting.

Leites was scared of getting close to Anderson and knew that if he did he was toast. Anderson didn't want to go to the ground with Leites and it was clear from round 2 on. Leites did NOTHING to earn a round. If we should be upset with anytone that is where it should be directed. To the guy that ducked away from the fight after getting hit a couple of times in the early part of round2.

RRN was correct, Leites should never have been picked for this fight. There is NOBODY in the divison right now that can hang with Anderson.

GSP come on up a class and lets see a real fight...or Anderson come on up a level and lets see what you can do against the 205er's.

Brian said...

im not saying he wanted to dodge the fight, im just saying he could have put him away in the first 2 rounds and he didnt. it was like a cat playing with a mouse where everyone knows whats going to happen. If he's so good (which i know he is) put him away, thats what we paid to see. He wasnt hungry and he didnt care if the fans didnt approve. he commented that he stuck to his game cause he wanted to show the fans that he could fight 5 rounds and still be fresh. We all know that he can, but we dont pay to see his cardio, we pay to see him kick ass. I think that is just sad that there's no competition for him in his own weight class and he has to go up or down.

Anonymous said...

What you want is for him to be careless right? He is a counter puncher and Leites didn't punch for shit. Although I had somewhat of a hope this fight was going to be good this match up was a disaster.

VJ Rabid said...

My sentiments exactly, Rear Naked.

I think the whole criticism that's going on right now about is overblown : Whenever Silva had Leites remotely in danger, Leites just laid on his back.

Not exactly a recipe for action.

Anonymous said...

so if we're going to use the counter puncher arguement then what do we do about fights with 2 counter punchers...lets be real about this, silva gave a weak performance and got called on it. period.

Blackhawk said...

Yeah so you want to blame the counter puncher that TRIED to get things going only to see his opponet fall to his back. Yet excuse the counter puncher that didn't do anything but wait and fall.

Oh yeah I can see clearly who had the worst performance.

IF (and man it was/is a big if) IF you are the #1 contender you need to bring it and show why you are and not look like a scared rabbit begging for the champ to fall to the ground with you.

Leites knew the only chance he had was to catch Silva in a submission but at the same time he should have realized after the 2nd round that Anderson wasn't coming to the ground. He was flopping to the ground like he plays basketball for the Duke Bluedevils Basketball team.

Anonymous said...

How many times did Leites try to take Silva down and miserably fail? I think he tried his game plan. Simply flopping on the ground in the later rounds in hope that Silva would get careless and give in to the crowd taking that risk. Seems to me Silva's plan was working yet Leites who's ground game is suppose to be his ace wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Blackhawk..take the fanboy out of this...Silva gave a shit performance, got visible frustrated and acted like he went 5 rounds with the greatest. It was clearly a horrible fight and he should prance around like he beat a top notch contender, he clearly did not.