Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aaron Simpson Did What?

So I was reading Tracy Lee's blog about her time spent with Arizona Combat Sports and came across this...

"He [Aaron Simpson] and Kendra had attempted to have children over and over and couldn't conceive. After failed fertility procedure attempts, they decided to go the surrogate route. That's when Kendra's 51 year old mom stepped forward and volunteered to carry the child. At first Aaron and Kendra wouldn't allow it to happen because they felt that it was quite dangerous but when round after round of testing of her health showed that she was quite capable of carrying their child, they moved forward. Two embryos were inserted into her womb and both took! 18 months later and the boy and girl pair are now 9 months old and as healthy as can be."

Yeah, he got his mother-in-law pregnant. He also TKO'd Tim McKenzie today. Aaron Simpson rules.


gogoface said...

No wonder why they call him Ass-Train.

Anonymous said...

For gogoface: No wonder ur called a dumb Ass.