Wednesday, April 1, 2009

3 Ways TUF 9 Won't Suck

I can't say I'm too excited about this season of The Ultimate Fighter. To me it's a bad sign when the figurehead of the company questions the idea at the start. Of course, Dana has changed his tune just in time for the start of the season. He says the same thing every season, "Yap, yap, season ever...yap, yap, yap...the next (fill in the blank)...yap, yap, won't believe it." I'm not one to trust a promoter, so I decided to make a list of ways this season can be salvaged.

1. Bisping gets control from the start and puts his best fighters against the worst from Team USA. This might seem like a jerky way of coaching, but it would make for a more interesting season. I want to see fighters from both teams make it into the later rounds. If Bisping goes for the best vs worst angle, it can happen. If he doesn't, I fear the depth of Team USA will smother them in most fights and we'll see a 6-2 edge or worse.

2. They go back to showing more training footage and less house stupidity. Last season was the worst. You have Anderson Silva training with Team Nog and we barely get to see any of it. Instead we see a prank a week from "The Polish Experiment". The house crap should not be the focus of the show. Use it as filler and concentrate on the training. Somewhere along the line this equation was flipped and it needs to be remedied.

3. Henderson and Bisping learn to dislike each other. Things are more exciting when there's tension between the coaches (Penn/Pulver, Hughes/Serra, Ortiz/Shamrock, Griffin/Jackson briefly). I wanna see Bisping say, "Dan, you planning on ending a fight anytime soon?" Then Henderson replies, "Blow me."

We'll see if any of my hopes come true tonight.

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