Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ed Herman Is Awesome

Earlier today the UFC's Twitter page announced Yushin Okami suffered an injury and would not be able to face Dan Miller at UFC 98. Then they got themselves in trouble by stating, "Dan Miller will fight an awesome replacement challenger." This of course sent fans into hysterics as they pondered the choices. Well, it turns out the "awesome replacement challenger" is Ed Herman. Yes, the same Ed Herman who was a loss away from getting cut at UFC 97. I actually am a Herman fan, but to categorize him as "awesome" is a huge stretch.

Here are some other huge stretches I came up with...

Georges St-Pierre doesn't shave his legs.
Marcus Davis is Irish.
Ed Soares is a trustworthy translator.
Mauro Ranallo doesn't try too hard.
UFC gyms will be popular.
Dan Miragliotta makes sound decisions.

(The UFC must be monitoring this site because now Herman has been replaced by Chael Sonnen, who I guess they feel is more awesome. By the time UFC 98 gets here, Dan Miller might be fighting Jose Canseco.)

I Need Your Help

No, this is not some lame attempt to make me money. All I'm asking for is access to your MMA memory. Email me any fights you remember with questionable stoppages. I don't need videos, just a list will do.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Phil Baroni Wins

He easily had the hottest date at Kevin Randleman's wedding. There really wasn't much competition, other than Pepsi Carano and her Tuxedo T-Shirt Dress, but a win is a win.

(How high does this dude score on the "Uneasiness About My Date Hooking Up With Someone Else Tonight" Scale? I say a 9.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Forrest Griffin vs Anderson Silva

The rumors are true. Forrest Griffin will face Anderson Silva at UFC 101. As usual, when Dana White and the UFC are backed into a corner, they come out firing. The negative publicity following Silva's lackluster victory over Thales Leites definitely forced their hand. They needed to get Silva back into the cage and against a talented opponent. Griffin is a perfect choice. His fights are almost always entertaining and he's popular enough to sell the match-up to a large audience, something Silva has not been able to do yet.

The biggest winner in all of this is probably BJ Penn. With Griffin/Silva on the card, UFC 101 becomes a major PPV. He'll make quite a lot more off of PPV buys than he would have with Griffin fighting Thiago Silva. Penn seems pretty smart now for passing on UFC 99 (destined to tank at the box office).

From a style standpoint, I can see arguments for Griffin or Silva having the advantage. Griffin is a big Light Heavyweight. As St-Pierre/Penn II showed, size (and Vaseline) matters. It's difficult to imagine Silva being able to use much clinch work without Griffin tackling the hell out of him. On the pro-Silva side, you have Griffin's ability to get hit in the face by just about everyone he fights. He always reminds me of Rocky Balboa the first time he faces Apollo Creed. It's like he's purposely leaving his head out there to get hit. Do that against Silva and this thing won't last long.

Dana and Chuck at Talladega

I haven't watched Part 2 yet, but I heard when the cars pass, a gust of wind knocks Chuck out.

Nick Diaz vs Scott Smith

Strikeforce continues to impress me. Babalu goes down with an injury, killing one of their featured bouts on June 6th, so they respond by adding Nick Diaz vs Scott Smith. The fight will be at a catchweight of 180 lbs.

The June 6th card now features at least two can't miss fights. The other being the main event between Robbie Lawler and Jake Shields. There is also still the possibility Alistair Overeem will defend his Strikeforce Heavyweight Title that night.

I'm glad Strikeforce is stacking their cards. My biggest worry with them was they'd fall into the EliteXC line of thinking and protect their most popular fighters. Instead they are consistently setting up marquee match-ups and forcing their best to face top competition. It's good for them, the sport, and of course the fans.

(I realize there is a segment of MMA fans who do not like catchweight fights. Personally, I don't care. If a big fight can be made by setting up a catchweight, I say make it happen. It's always interesting to see how a fighter will fare when they step up in weight and catchweights allow this to occur a lot more than the established MMA weight classes.)

Friday, April 24, 2009

TUF 9 Is Great So Far

-They're actually showing training footage. It's either a miracle or the house crap was so boring this season that they have no other choice. Wasn't it interesting watching Bisping and the UK coaches watching film and going over their gameplan? I kept waiting for the inevitable five minute chunk of house time, but it never came. I'm delighted.

-Frank Lester is the most hilarious character they've ever had on TUF. He's the master of shadow boxing. No one does it better.

-Hopefully I never have to talk to Dan Henderson, because I'll fall asleep midway through his first sentence.

-Damarques Johnson is the opposite of funny.

DREAM.9 Looks Sick

Yesterday DREAM announced Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza and Jason "Mayhem" Miller would be fighting at DREAM.9 and I instantly thought, "I need to do a Live Blog for that." Then today I wake up and they add JZ Cavalvante vs Tatsuya Kawajiri. This has the makings of a crazy event and I haven't even mentioned the 2nd Round of the Featherweight Grand Prix, which is sure to feature some classic fights. And, and, there is still the chance Gegard Mousasi faces Rameau Sokoudjou. If you are mainly a UFC fan, these names might not seem like a big deal. For anyone who does closely follow MMA outside of the USA, you just crapped your pants.

I'm beginning to think DREAM is auditioning for the services of Fedor and wants to prove their dedication to putting on huge shows.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hilarious Sylvia/Mercer Promo

I like to think there is never an appropriate time for a grown man to type "OMFG!", but I'm starting to reconsider.

(Thank you to "omaran" for putting his YouTube skills to good use.)

Babalu/Feijao Off

This is an odd one. Babalu has pulled out for "personal reasons". It's unfortunate for a lot of reasons. Strikeforce loses a title fight. Feijao loses a title shot. Tito Ortiz sees another possible opponent float away. Sucks all around. Maybe this will force Strikeforce to fill the void with Alistair Overeem's title defense. That would be great and all, but I was excited for Babalu/Feijao.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Damage Control

“I apologize. I personally apologize for what happened tonight. You guys know, this isn’t what the UFC was built on and this isn’t the way the fights usually go. Listen, any night you can have an off-night. When a guy is that talented and can literally end a fight whenever he wants to, wow.” - Dana White

Take a look in the mirror. You're the one who spent a month telling us why this was such a great match-up and how Leites deserved to be there (which really boiled down to, "He got knee'd in the face and didn't quit.") If Jurassic Park taught me anything, it's you can't feed a T-Rex like a dog. They want to hunt for their dinner. Let Silva hunt. Give him an opponent who will fight back, instead of fall to his back every time he gets touched. Yushin Okami and Demain Maia...the noise you just heard was the door slamming on your possible title shots.

Liddell Is Finished for Now

It's sad to see a legend of any sport leave on someone else's terms, but it happens so often that we've become accustomed to it. Boxing gives us the best examples. No matter how hard they try, aging boxers always believe the next time out will be their glorious comeback. They'll knock out their opponent and inject new life into their career. Chuck Liddell had those same dreams going into his fight with Mauricio Rua at UFC 97. Knock this guy out and everyone will shut up about retirement.

The fight had all the energy of Liddell's best, as he got the loudest ovation I've ever heard from a crowd. Even a megastar like Liddell had to be blown away by it. The 1st Round was back and forth with both fighters having their moments until Liddell pawed his left hand out and Rua clobbered him with a left of his own. Initially the stoppage seemed quick, until you saw Liddell get up and ask Mario Yamasaki, "What happened?"

Dana White has already declared the career of Liddell to be over. Liddell himself seems resigned to it. After the fight he was worn out and anything but defiant. Will we ever see him fight again? Probably. It would certainly not be the first time a fighter called it quits only to return later. For all the punishment Liddell has taken lately, his mind is still sharp. It's hard to believe he will go quietly without at least coming back one more time to hear the fans go nuts when he enters the cage. Stuff like that is tough to totally give up on. For now, it appears he will forget about fighting for awhile and listen to White's declaration. This time next year, though, I foresee a return and an even bigger ovation for the sport's biggest star.

Um, Wow

That main event was so bad, I don't even want to make fun of it. Can we just forget it happened and move on? I don't blame Silva for the way he fought. Every time he got within punching distance, Leites fell down, so he stayed away and kicked the hell out of his leg/knee all fight. My main beef is with the UFC for even putting this together. Silva needs opponents who aren't afraid of him. Leites was in over his head. Every MMA fan knew it from the moment the fight was announced. I guess the thinking was, "Lets give Anderson someone to kill, so people forget about the Cote fight." It makes sense, but the execution was all wrong. You don't put a relatively inexperienced jiu-jitsu ace with limited stand-up into a PPV main event against one of the best counterpunchers in MMA. It's probably the worst recipe for an entertaining fight there is.

Silva needs opponents who believe they can hurt him. I say give him a Light Heavyweight to chew on this summer. I can't sit through another one of these. As much as I love Demain Maia, the thought of him spending five rounds getting kicked in the knee does not make me excited.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

UFC 97 Live Results

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-It's gonna take a minor miracle to get all these preliminary fights in before the PPV starts at 10pm. Through an hour and fifteen minutes, two fights have happened. Maybe the Stout/Wiman fight will be moved to the main card.

Preliminary Card
Eliot Marshall vs Vinny Magalhaes
-Marshall Wins by Unanimous Decision
Ryo Chonan vs TJ Grant
-Grant Wins by Split Decision
Mark Bocek vs David Bielkheden
-Bocek Wins by 1st Rd Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
David Loiseau vs Ed Herman
-Herman Wins by Unanimous Decision
Jason MacDonald vs Nate Quarry
-Quarry Wins by 1st Rd TKO
Denis Kang vs Xavier Foupa-Pokam
-Kang Wins by Unanimous Decision

-They're playing up the "Liddell might retire" angle a ton.

Steve Cantwell vs Luiz Cane
-According to Rogan, this is "one of the most exciting fights on the card tonight."
-13 minutes in and Goldberg has talked for at least 11 of them. Guy is a machine.
-Bruce Buffer opens things up with a bunch of French words I do not understand. Crowd seemed to enjoy it, though.

Round 1
Cane moves forward with combos. A solid uppercut lands. Cantwell responds with a head kick that slaps against Cane's arm and head. Cane's punches are getting through. A right-left combo by Cane gives Cantwell pause. Some knees from the clinch by Cane. Combos are landing at will for Cane. Everything Cantwell throws is getting blocked. Straight left connects for Cane. Body shot by Cane. He's landing the straight left whenever he wants. RNN Scores it 10-9 Cane.

Round 2
Cane's hand speed is nuts. I feel like I'm watching a Tekken fight. He's hitting 2 to 3 punches every time. Straight left pops Cantwell's head back. Cane giving chase. Cantwell counters and lands. Another counter. A big time kick lands for Cantwell. Cane barely even blinked, but it was a solid shot. Another head kick lands, not quite as forceful as the first, but still kinda hard. Cane seems to be fine. I'm not sure how, exactly. A good uppercut lands for Cane as a right hook lands for Cantwell. RNN Scores it 10-9 Cantwell.

Round 3
Cane moving forward to start the round. He lands a straight left. A nice body kick connects for Cane following a series of strikes. More combos from Cane. Cantwell unleashes a combo of his own and partially clips Cane with another head kick. Cane clinches and knees Cantwell to the body. Cantwell backs Cane into the cage and lands with a right. Cane charges back with some jabs and an uppercut. Two head kicks by Cantwell that are blocked. Cane lands a knee to the body followed by some big punches. Round ends with both trading, Cantwell getting the better of it slightly. RNN Scores it 10-9 Cane.

Luiz Cane Wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

-Very good fight. Cantwell took heavy strikes and never seemed in too much trouble. He was impressive even though he lost. Cane is ready for a big time opponent.

Cheick Kongo vs Antoni Hardonk
-Kongo needs to be impressive to keep pace with the rest of the Heavyweights. A lackluster performance will put him way down the list of contenders.
-Kongo has a 4 inch reach advantage. That's a lot for a Heavyweight.

Round 1
Both fighters throw some kicks that do not land. Hardonk connects with a heavy leg kick. Another leg kick lands. Hardonk has Kongo backed into a corner and lands another leg kick. Kongo moves forward and ties him up. Fans chanting Kongo's name. Referee breaks them up and it's back to the center. Kongo catches a body kick and sends Hardonk to the mat with a right. It didn't land fully. Back to standing, Hardonk stalking with leg kicks. A right hand and an uppercut land for Kongo. Tie-up by the cage. Kongo trying to take him down. Knees to the thigh by Kongo. Kongo gets him down. Short elbows to the head by Kongo. Some punches, but Hardonk did a great job of avoiding damage. RNN Scores it 10-9 Kongo.

Round 2
Hardonk goes for a kick, but gets hit and falls down. Kongo connects with a big strike as he jumps on top of him. Kongo working from the top with hammerfists. A big right hand to the body then to the head. Very nice. Hardonk is cut. Kongo lands a big right that forces Hardonk to turn over then he pounds him with some more shots before the referee stops it.

Cheick Kongo Wins by 2nd Rd TKO

-They are moving right along. No post-fight interviews so far.

Krzysztof Soszynski vs Brian Stann
-Have you head Brian Stann was in the Marines?

Round 1
Both fighters looking for leg kicks to start things out. Soszynski gets the takedown. Stann does a decent job avoiding punishment and gets back to his feet. Soszynski gets another takedown. He's going for a kimura. Stann trying to defend, but he's done. He sinks it in and Stann taps.

Krzysztof Soszynski Wins by 1st Rd Submission (Kimura)

Chuck Liddell vs Mauricio Rua

Round 1
A leg kick by Rua. Liddell comes forward but doesn't connect. A nice exchange with both throwing in close. Liddell lands but Rua comes over the top with a left. Rua lands a right leg kick. Liddell is already sorta limping from the leg kicks. Liddell misses a punch and Rua takes him down. Liddell stands right up, but Rua grabs a leg. He's up and out of trouble. Wow, that looked bad for a second. Rua misses and Liddell takes Rua down. He lets him right up, though. Rua charges forward with a left and drops Liddell. He's on top raining down strikes. Ref stops it.

Mauricio Rua Wins by 1st Rd TKO

-Liddell never looked comfortable. He was moving slowly after the leg kicks and Rua kept looping punches that were barely missing. Another bad loss for Liddell.

-Rogan pressed him for an answer, but Liddell refused to say whether he's gonna retire. For whatever reason, I think he's done. He looked worn out following the loss.

Sam Stout vs Matt Wiman
-I'm sure there is a great reason for putting this fight after Rua/Liddell, but I have no idea what it is.

Round 1
I erased what I wrote because I'm an idiot. RNN Scores it 10-9 Stout.

Round 2
A nice combo to start the round by Stout. Wiman lands a right. Stout connects, but Wiman ends up scrambling to Stout's back. He slips off and Stout is on top. He lands a couple shots, but nothing major. Back to standing. Leg kick by Wiman. Wiman gets caught and is hurt. He took a nasty shot to the body. He falls to his back and tries to suck Stout into his guard. He briefly grabs an arm, but Stout gets free. Back to their feet and Stout is teeing off. Wiman is trying to survive. A solid right lands for Stout. RNN Scores it 10-9 Stout.

Round 3
Wiman comes forward and eats a punch. A tie-up and Wiman going for a takedown. He gets his back. Wiman has a body lock and is going for a choke. Stout keeping control of Wiman's wrist. He turns and is now on top. Nice job by Stout. Wiman is trying to work from the bottom, but is taking some strikes. Back to their feet briefly before Wiman runs forward and takes him down again. Working from the top. He's not really throwing anything, just trying to pass his guard. Stout up for a second then slammed back down. Stout back up and gets hit with a punch. RNN Scores it 10-9 Wiman.

Sam Stout Wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

-An interview with Channing Tatum and Cung Le. They're in that stupid new movie "Fighting". Very odd seeing a non-UFC fighter get camera time during a PPV.

Thales Leites vs Anderson Silva (MW Title)
-Rogan building up a possible fight between Silva and St-Pierre. It seems like if they both win, they're fighting. Now lets watch Leites ruin everything. It happens every time.
-Leites wearing sunglasses to the cage. God, I hope this doesn't become a trend.

Round 1
Silva standing back at first, as usual. Leites refusing to throw. Minute in without a punch thrown. Silva finally comes forward with a punch that doesn't land. Silva backing him up. Straight left lightly lands for Silva. Silva sweeps his leg then lets him right up. Leites grabs a leg and drives Silva into the cage. He was down for a second but popped up. Tie-up by the cage and Leites looking for a trip. RNN Scores it 10-9 Silva.

-I'm having Silva/Cote flashbacks after that round.

Round 2
Leites lands a leg kick. He catches Silva off-balanced and gets a great takedown. Leites on top in Silva's half-guard. Silva now has a body triangle. Leites throwing from the top. Silva gets back to his feet. He was never in trouble on the ground. Neither throwing anything. Fans are growing restless. Silva lands a couple jabbing punches. Head kick partially blocked by Leites. RNN Scores it 10-9 Leites.

Round 3
Silva catches a leg and a scramble ensues. Leites briefly down before Silva let him up. Leites gets poked in the eye and falls to the ground. Referee does not stop the fight. Awful. How did he miss that? Referee stands them up. Silva landing leg kicks. Fans chanting "G-S-P". Every time Silva touches Leites, he falls down on his back. A big body kick lands for Silva. A lunging left lands for Silva. Jumpkick connects for Silva. Punches coming in now and Leites is covering up. Leites falls down again. He's down again. I guess this is what happens when you put Thales Leites in a main event. RNN Scores it 10-9 Silva.

-Leites is literally falling to his back every time Silva gets close. It's kind of funny in a pathetic way.

Round 4
Kick to the leg of Leites. He's hitting his knee straight up the middle. Leites is limping a little. A slapping leg kick lands for Silva. He's dancing around and kicking Leites at will. Another front kick to the knee. He's teeing off on Leites left lead leg. He goes for a takedown, but Silva stuffs it. I don't even know how to describe what he just did. He somehow kicked Leites low on the leg with his back leg. Leites is moving very slow. RNN Scores it 10-9 Silva.

Round 5
Leg kick by Silva. Leites coming forward. A left lands for Silva. Leites goes for a takedown, but Silva defends nicely. Silva lands some solid punches on the downed Leites. Leites is bleeding pretty bad out of his nose. Another takedown attempt stuffed. Silva working from the top. Back to their feet and it's more of the same. Silva kicking his leg whenever he wants. Leites standing there and taking it. RNN Scores it 10-9 Silva.

Anderson Silva Wins by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 48-47, 50-46)

-God, that was brutal. At least Cote sorta tried to exchange. Leites didn't do a thing. He fought like a guy who was happy to be there. I don't think he ever believed he could win the fight. Time to get Silva some real opponents.

UFC 97 Picks

I'm beyond swamped with school crap, so blame my education on the lack of posts this week. Here are my picks for tonight's show.

Silva over Leites by 1st Rd TKO W
Liddell over Rua by Unanimous Decision L
Stann over Soszynski by 1st Rd TKO L
Kongo over Hardonk by 2nd Rd TKO W
Cane over Cantwell by 2nd Rd TKO W
MacDonald over Quarry by 2nd Rd Submission L
Wiman over Stout by Unanimous Decision L
Marshall over Magalhaes by Unanimous Decision W
Kang over Prof X by 1st Rd Submission W

(LIVE RESULTS begin at 8pm)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paulo Filho Still Jobless

Prior to his awful loss against Chael Sonnen, Paulo Filho was being mentioned as the fighter who had the best chance to knock off Anderson Silva. Then he missed weight and had an acid trip in the cage. Months later the fallout still has not subsided. Filho is without a job and many MMA fans are wondering if he will ever live up to expectations.

First the bad news...Filho will not be fighting for Bellator. According to his manager, the contract was too restrictive. I read that as, "We didn't want him losing in the first round of the Middleweight Tournament then being relegated to fighting Bellator nobodies for the rest of his contract." Of course you can draw your own conclusions (he's too fat to make Middleweight right now).

The good news is DREAM is very high on Filho. He might even be ready for DREAM.9 in May, although DREAM.10 in July is more likely (at LHW). I hope he actually has his crap together and makes a strong comeback. When he's not all crazy, he's a legit talent. I'm not sure if a permanent move to Light Heavyweight will work out in the long run, though. If he plans on getting to the UFC, he needs to figure out a way to be a Middleweight. The UFC Light Heavyweights are too big.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Chuck Liddell Video Blog

I like Dana's better. Liddell isn't that entertaining when he's not knocking the hell out of people.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tito Still Talking

Check out how long Tito was able to babble without even being asked a question. His ability to talk about himself is unparalleled.

Strikeforce Notes

Diaz vs Shamrock
-Diaz Wins by 2nd Rd TKO
Melendez vs Damm
-Melendez Wins by 2nd Rd TKO
Radach vs Smith
-Smith Wins by 3rd Rd KO
Santos vs Akano
-Santos Wins by 3rd Rd TKO
Rogers vs Humphrey
-Rogers Wins by 2nd Rd TKO

  • Interesting to see FullTiltPoker on the mat after the UFC decided to kick them out. I wonder if the sponsorship of Strikeforce happened before or after?

  • The entrances need work. A lot of work. The music is too low (It seems like each song was picked by a producer. They all had a "generic" feel to them.), the announcers never stop talking, and the pyrotechnics are a bit much. Seriously, it's not a difficult thing. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Entrances set the mood for fights, especially at the arena.
  • Pat Miletich was everything I figured he'd be. His work with the replays was about as spot-on as an announcer can be. Even his constant use of "Holy Cow" did not bother me. It was somehow endearing. Now if they'd just get rid of Ranallo.
  • I kept a running count of all the times Ranallo annoyed me. 47.
  • Pepsi Carano giggles like she's on shrooms every time the camera stares at her, which was once a minute during the first hour of the telecast.
  • Cyborg got her period! Cyborg gets a period?! Most shocking moment of the night.
  • Why are they mentioning the UFC so much? Let your product speak for itself. It doesn't impress viewers to hear Scott Smith used to be a UFC fighter. It impresses them to see him take a two round beating then pull off a remarkable knockout victory.
  • They should shave Herb Dean's head for stopping the Smith/Radach fight. He lets Smith recover multiple times then steps in as soon as Radach hits the mat. Awful, awful. You gotta be consistent as a referee. If you let one fighter grab a leg and hold on for dear life, you should at least let the other have the opportunity to do the same thing. Dean never gave Radach the chance to steady himself.
  • Is Rodrigo Damm wearing a wig?
  • If I was Asian, I'd definitely have a haircut like Cung Le.
  • I'd much rather see Brett Rogers face Kimbo Slice than Alistair Overeem. He's got talent, but Overeem will murder the guy.
  • Funniest line of the night was when Ranallo mentioned Nick Diaz's victory, "over journeyman Thomas Denny." That awkward silence you heard afterwards was Pat Miletich staring at Ranallo and mouthing the words, "You little jerk." Miletich defeated Denny back in December, for anyone who forgot.
  • Did Nick Diaz get taller? I swear to God I thought he was under 6 foot.
  • The reason I picked Shamrock was because I figured he would grab Diaz and get him to the ground. Once there Diaz would be content to remain on the bottom and work for submissions. This would give Shamrock a decision because judges have no idea about ground work. Instead, Shamrock dove into Diaz and ate a thousand punches. Odd strategy for a guy many consider a "smart fighter".
  • I was trying to think of Diaz's next fight, but I stopped myself. First, he has to pass the drug test. After that, I'll let my mind wonder.
  • Okay, I'll do it anyway...Lets say Robbie Lawler knocks the hell out of Diaz's buddy Jake Shields. That sets up a perfect rematch between Lawler and Diaz. If I was Diaz, I'd never want such a rematch, but he's nuts and will fight anyone.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Strikeforce Picks

Shamrock over Diaz by Unanimous Decision
Melendez over Damm by TKO
Radach over Smith by TKO
Santos over Akano by Demolition
Rogers over Humphrey by TKO

Yes, I'm going with all the favorites. No, I do not expect them all to win. The two I feel the least confident in are Radach and Rogers. A lot has been made of Rogers, but he's inexperienced and coming off a huge layoff. The Radach/Smith fight is basically a toss-up. I'm going with Radach because I think Smith's stock took an artificial jump thanks to the brutal first fight with Lawler (where Smith was losing).

I think Shamrock is a bad match-up for Diaz. There are too many options for Shamrock and too few for Diaz. I don't see Diaz winning the stand-up in overwhelming fashion. I don't see him submitting Shamrock. I don't see him being able to control him. Maybe a random punch or something, but that's about it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sylvia/Mercer In A Cage

This just keeps getting better. First, New Jersey decided it wanted no parts of a six round boxing match between Tim Sylvia and Ray Mercer. Promoter Monte Cox then moved the fight to Alabama, where apparently it's the modern Wild West and anything goes. Now MMAJunkie has learned the fight will take place in a cage. A boxing match in an MMA cage makes about as much sense as that glowing puck Fox used for hockey games in the late 90s.

Cox claims, "It just makes sense on so many levels, and it adds another twist to the main event."

Here are some other twists I came up with...

-Sylvia must wear a shirt like a fat kid at the pool so we don't have to see his physique.
-At random times during the fight, the lights will go out and MMA will be allowed.
-If Sylvia loses, he's never allowed to fight in an MMA bout again.

The funniest quote of the story comes from Sylvia. He says, "This could open up a whole new career for me. I hope that beating Mercer will open the eyes of some boxing promoters."

Yeah, I'm sure beating up a 48 year old man is going to impress the pants off the boxing world.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Women's Group Wants Apology

This is going a bit far. Apparently the word "bitch" is off-limits now too. How about we just get rid of all words with a negative connotation? Everything will be positive and we'll prance around in a Willy Fucking Wonka Chocolate Factory all day long.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bellator Has Fights Up In English

All right, we finally have the answer to, "Will Bellator be available in English?"

Every Wednesday at 7am they plan on posting the previous week's event in English. The first show is up now. I gotta say, I really like it. Eventually they're gonna have a war take place and their site will blow up with people wanting to see it, so this is an excellent idea. The video is one large file and you can easily search through it. Literally took me five seconds to find the Eddie Averagez fight. We'll see how it holds up as more people visit.

Strikeforce All Access

I absolutely love this concept...except the price. $24.95 a show? That's an insane price to pay, despite all the awesome features. I could see this being huge, if they found a way to get it around $5.99. I find it hard to believe a ton of people will shell out $25 for one show. The features are cool and all, but you could get Showtime for two months at that price.
SHOWTIME will offer Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans the opportunity to get immersed in the April 11, blockbuster premiere of Strikeforce on SHOWTIME with its new interactive online experience, Strikeforce: All Access, it was announced today by the network’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sports and Event Programming, Ken Hershman. The digital initiative, an interactive live stream of Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. Diaz, on Saturday, April 11, further demonstrates the premium network’s commitment to leading the television industry in online, mobile, and interactive content distribution.

Fans can purchase the live webcast simultaneously with the live SHOWTIME telecast beginning at 10 p.m. ET*. Online participants can control their own viewing experience through multiple camera angles with corresponding audio tracks as well as interact with fellow users, view user-generated photos and download select music tracks from the event.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Junkie's WAMMA Puff Piece

MMAJunkie has a book length puff piece up about WAMMA getting a sponsor. It was written by Steve Sievert, who also happens to be on the WAMMA Ranking Committee. Funny how that works, right? Fans always get on Kevin Iole for being a UFC spokesperson, which he is, but this article by Sievert is much worse. It goes along with WAMMA's strategy to infiltrate the MMA media and alter public opinion. Their Ranking Committee has nothing to do with actually getting things correct. It's all about stacking it with anyone with a website, in the hopes they will in return write positive articles about WAMMA.

Well, it worked in this case. According to Sievert, since WAMMA is close to getting a sponsor, that means they are credible. Never mind the fact they plan on whoring their fake titles out to whoever gives them the most money. He never touches on the subject, or anything negative. It's a complete puff piece meant to convince fans that WAMMA is their friend. Propaganda. Form a line everyone and thank WAMMA for putting advertisements on their belts.

I also like how he placed a Dana White tirade update at the end of the article. Nice touch, Sievert. Real slick.

(If you're bored, check out the list of the Ranking Committee. Be careful what you read, MMA fans.)

Torres Wins A War Over Mizugaki

The fight began awkwardly when the referee stumbled over his words and told the fighters, "Touch gloves and go back to your gloves...Corners!" After that it was pure gold. Torres showed his usual multi-faceted brilliance with a barrage of punches, kicks, knees, shoulders, and elbows. Even though it's expected, it's still something special to watch him work in the cage. What we didn't expect was the iron chin and tenacity of his opponent, Takeya Mizugaki.

I think the 1st Round belonged to Mizugaki. He landed more solid punches, while Torres seemed content to warm up during the initial five minutes. Round 2 was difficult to score, but to me Torres won it. The last three rounds Torres took over with his superior conditioning. Mizugaki slowed down late in the 2nd and never seemed capable of sustaining an attack for more than a flurry. Torres repeatedly pressed him into the cage and delivered dozens of knees. Mizugaki had no energy to push him off and it ultimately cost him the fight.

(I'll stop here to say a word about Frank Mir...He might have delivered the most one-sided call ever. From the opening bell all he did was praise Torres. If Mir was a judge, he would have had it 742-3 Torres.)

It was a great fight. Definitely worth watching, if you missed it. After seeing Torres relentlessly working in the 5th Round, I really don't think he's losing any time soon. He's as complete of a fighter as we have right now and you're a fool if you don't enjoy it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Aoki Beat In 27 Seconds

Shinya Aoki's appearance in DREAM's Welterweight Grand Prix worked out about as well as an elephant on a diving board. He was able to take Hayato "Mach" Sakurai down, but everything after that went poorly. Sakurai quickly reversed from the bottom, knee'd him in the head four times, then knocked him out with some vicious right hands.

WAMMA will surely play this off as no big deal since Aoki was fighting in a higher weight class. They'll point out that BJ Penn lost against a Welterweight too. The problem with that line of thinking is BJ Penn lost to one of the best fighters alive, while Aoki got smoked by someone who isn't. If you're going to throw around titles like "#1 Lightweight in the World", you better be sure the guy wearing the belt deserves it. Aoki is a great fighter, but his resume was a little thin to be handing him such a distinction.

Knowing WAMMA, they'll probably overnight a Welterweight Belt to Sakurai.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Alvarez Gets Rocked Then Wins

Eddie Alvarez avoided a huge upset in his Bellator debut by rebounding from early trouble for a submission win. No one gave Greg Loughran much of a chance, but he scored a quick knockdown with a left. Alvarez regained his composure and was able to eventually get Loughran to the ground. Following a nice takedown he sinked in a guillotine and forced Loughran to tap.

You could look at this two ways. Either you think Alvarez's performance was proof of his will to win or that he's overrated and should have never been in trouble to begin with. I'm kind of leaning towards the latter. Greg Loughran is a journeyman fighter. He should not be knocking down someone who is supposedly a Top 5 Lightweight.

Maybe it's time I dusted off his old nickname again...Eddie Averagez.

Poor, Matt Hughes

With all the Dana White stuff, no one noticed his April Fools' Joke. At least, I hope it's a joke.
"I just got a phone call from Renana Barkan, the producer of Dancing with the Stars and they want me to be on the show for the next season. The 4-weeks of training doesn’t start until after my fight, so that won’t be a problem, and then we start taping the show right after that. So, I’ll kick the idea around with the wife and we’ll see where it goes from here."

Sherdog Blows

On April Fools' Day, Fightlinker put up a satirical picture of a website called "Shitdog". Shitdog was not amused. Their lawyers are threatening Fightlinker over trademark issues. They want them to hand over their profits from April 1st. You gotta love the American legal system. Remind me why I'm studying to be a lawyer again? Seriously, if I'm stuck writing a document someday with lines like, "The mark SHITDOG is spelled and pronounced confusingly similarly to the mark SHERDOG.", please come to my office and shoot me in the face.

It is stuff like this that makes Shitdog hated by a large segment of MMA fans. They take themselves too seriously. Fightlinker has little to worry about. They're covered. In fact, they should probably thank Shitdog for giving them all this free publicity.

Dana Apologizes

He gave in. What a (Removed by Editor). I'm glad the mainstream media can move on from this story and concentrate on more important matters like North Korea bombing BJ Penn's house.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

GLAAD Wants An Apology

You knew this was coming. GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is seeking an apology from Dana White and the UFC for his remarks about Loretta Hunt and her sources. I'm not sure why GLAAD feels the need to step in. I guess whenever anyone with name recognition says a word like "faggot" they jump at the chance to seem needed. The reality is Dana's usage had nothing to do with sexuality. Although groups like this would like you to believe words have a singular meaning, it's not even close to true.

In other news, I'd also like an apology from Dana for making me sit through an hour of British fighters talking on camera. My eyes still hurt from all the subtitles I had to read.

Fight Night Thoughts

  • Carlos Condit needs to stop going to the bottom. I realize he "fights like that", but it kills him with the judges. Until judges become jiu-jitsu aces, they're almost always gonna see the guy on the bottom as losing the fight. Doesn't matter how many subs you try or whether the guy on top is doing anything.
  • I thought Kampmann won the fight. It wouldn't have upset me to see the decision go either way, though.
  • Tyson Griffin is such a pleasure to watch. He passed Clay Guida last night on my list of "Favorite Fighters to Watch Win or Lose".
  • When Dana White dies, Helio Gracie is gonna arm bar him into submission for the Mask tribute stuff. Evan Tanner is probably wondering what the hell is up too.
  • Tim Credeur won again. It's time for Joe Silva to get him a tough opponent. I wanna see what this guy can do.
  • Okay, no more Junie Browning on the main card until he beats someone decent. He looked way out of his league last night and it's not like Cole Miller is Shinya Aoki.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aaron Simpson Did What?

So I was reading Tracy Lee's blog about her time spent with Arizona Combat Sports and came across this...

"He [Aaron Simpson] and Kendra had attempted to have children over and over and couldn't conceive. After failed fertility procedure attempts, they decided to go the surrogate route. That's when Kendra's 51 year old mom stepped forward and volunteered to carry the child. At first Aaron and Kendra wouldn't allow it to happen because they felt that it was quite dangerous but when round after round of testing of her health showed that she was quite capable of carrying their child, they moved forward. Two embryos were inserted into her womb and both took! 18 months later and the boy and girl pair are now 9 months old and as healthy as can be."

Yeah, he got his mother-in-law pregnant. He also TKO'd Tim McKenzie today. Aaron Simpson rules.

I Love You, Dana

Here is the article. I can't help but admire how angry he gets.

3 Ways TUF 9 Won't Suck

I can't say I'm too excited about this season of The Ultimate Fighter. To me it's a bad sign when the figurehead of the company questions the idea at the start. Of course, Dana has changed his tune just in time for the start of the season. He says the same thing every season, "Yap, yap, season ever...yap, yap, yap...the next (fill in the blank)...yap, yap, won't believe it." I'm not one to trust a promoter, so I decided to make a list of ways this season can be salvaged.

1. Bisping gets control from the start and puts his best fighters against the worst from Team USA. This might seem like a jerky way of coaching, but it would make for a more interesting season. I want to see fighters from both teams make it into the later rounds. If Bisping goes for the best vs worst angle, it can happen. If he doesn't, I fear the depth of Team USA will smother them in most fights and we'll see a 6-2 edge or worse.

2. They go back to showing more training footage and less house stupidity. Last season was the worst. You have Anderson Silva training with Team Nog and we barely get to see any of it. Instead we see a prank a week from "The Polish Experiment". The house crap should not be the focus of the show. Use it as filler and concentrate on the training. Somewhere along the line this equation was flipped and it needs to be remedied.

3. Henderson and Bisping learn to dislike each other. Things are more exciting when there's tension between the coaches (Penn/Pulver, Hughes/Serra, Ortiz/Shamrock, Griffin/Jackson briefly). I wanna see Bisping say, "Dan, you planning on ending a fight anytime soon?" Then Henderson replies, "Blow me."

We'll see if any of my hopes come true tonight.

UFC's April Fools' Joke

You gotta give them credit. I have a hard enough time going to law school and posting once a day. Meanwhile, they're promoting multiple events, producing TV shows, negotiating contracts, and making fun of Fedor. I'm sure this joke will go over well with his handlers and their classic Russian sense of humor.
UFC President Dana White today greenlighted work to begin on the construction of a new Zuffa-owned stadium in Russia that will be able to hold a number of different sporting events, including soccer, boxing, and of course, mixed martial arts.

“This is a big moment for the company and I couldn’t have picked a better day to announce this monumental event,” said White. “I can’t wait for this Stadium to be finished and we’re even including the fans in the process by holding a contest on the internet for people to choose the name of it.”

Construction is tentatively scheduled to be done in time for UFC 115 on April 1st, 2010.

“A Project like this Reaches millions In the Largest group of Fans in the sport,” said White. “Out Of all the places in the world to put up a stadium, this was the only place for us, and we’re gonna Love Seeing the UFC here.”