Sunday, March 22, 2009

What I Took From March Badness

After watching Bobby Lashley's smothering win over Jason Guida, the one thing I kept wondering about was Ken Shamrock. I truthfully believe he might have defeated Lashley. He's old, washed up, probably a mummy, but he still knows how to apply a submission hold. Do you think he even has enough brain activity to realize he blew another huge chance?

Think about this...Shamrock cuts his eye then Seth Petruzelli beats Kimbo with a jab. Shamrock gets caught using steroids then Jason Guida survives three rounds of Lashley hugs. He also had a pretty deep guillotine sinked in. It's not crazy to think Shamrock could have won both those fights. If it wasn't for his idiotic behavior, we might be hearing things like, "Shamrock vs Fedor!!!!" right now.

Oh, and Lashley is about two years from being anywhere close to UFC ready. He'd get slaughtered right now.


Brett said...

Shamrock will kill lashley.

NomadRip said...

That is a very accurate assessment on all points.

Anonymous said...

Lashly looked bad. Someone will smoke him this year.