Saturday, March 7, 2009

UFC 96 Live Results

Preliminary fights have started. I'll have quick results for all the prelim bouts followed by full play-by-plays for the PPV card.

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Aaron Riley vs Shane Nelson
-Nelson Wins by 1st Rd TKO (0:44)
-Awful stoppage. Riley was pissed and let the referee hear about it. The fans weren't too happy either.

Brandon Vera vs Michael Patt
-Vera Wins by 2nd Rd TKO (leg kicks)
-Patt was dropped multiple times by leg kicks.

Tim Boetsch vs Jason Brilz
-Brilz Wins by Unanimous Decision
-Nice comeback win for Brilz. He didn't look good in the first, but he took control in the 2nd and 3rd as Boetsch tired.

Kendall Grove vs Jason Day
-Grove Wins by 1st Rd TKO (1:32)
-Day started out well then got caught with a couple of rights.

Tamdan McCrory vs Ryan Madigan
-McCrory Wins by 1st Rd TKO
-Punches and elbows from mount ended it.

Gray Maynard vs Jim Miller
-If Maynard wins this, I'll stop calling him "The Boring".
-Oh no! Miragliotta sighting!

Round 1
Fighters exchange rights to start things. Leg kick by Miller and a tie-up. Miller drives Maynard into the cage. They break free without either getting much of an advantage. Nice combo to the body and head by Maynard. A big straight right lands for Maynard then a couple body shots. Body kick lands for Miller. Miller grabs a leg and goes for takedown. Maynard defends it well and throws some punches while Miller is looking for the takedown. Miller can't get him down. Miller's nose is bleeding. Maynard lands a right. Miller eats a big shot coming in at the end. RNN Scores it 10-9 Maynard.

Round 2
Maynard lands a right. Solid leg kick for Miller. Another leg kick by Miller that was close to being low. A good body combo by Maynard. Another leg kick lands for Miller close to being low. Miller is warned that the next will cost him a point. Maynard lands a solid right. Miller goes for a takedown, pulls guard, but Maynard stands out of it. Right lands for Maynard. Jab by Maynard. Tough round to score. RNN Scores it 10-9 Maynard.

Round 3
Miller lands a left. Maynard comes forward with a combo. Partially blocked, but it looked nice. Straight right by Maynard. Good body kick by Miller. Maynard gets a takedown. Miller grabs a leg. It looked bad for a second, but Maynard stood out of it. Diving right lands for Miller. He goes for takedown. Maynard defending it well. Maynard on top throwing some punches. Back to their feet. Miller chasing. RNN Scores it 10-9 Maynard.

Maynard Wins by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

-Impressive win by Maynard. He kept it standing to avoid Miller's submissions and it worked perfectly. I will never call him "The Boring" ever again.

Matt Hamill vs Mark Munoz
-Munoz dances to the cage like he's in a rap video.
-Hamill enters to "Hang on Sloopy". It's like the state song of Ohio, in case you don't know. Fans chanting during the whole thing. Kind of a cool moment, even though Hamill can't hear any of it.

Round 1
Munoz shoots and Hamill sprawls perfectly. Back to standing. Hamill coming right at him. Munoz shoots for a single. Hamill whips him around and gets out of trouble. Munoz throwing, but mostly everything is getting blocked by Hamill. Hamill pawing forward, starting to throw a little bit harder towards the end of combos. Leg kick by Hamill. Solid right hook lands for Munoz. Hamill lands a right. Holy Crap!!! Hamill knocks him out with an enormous head kick!!! It was out of nowhere. Munoz was out immediately. He's still out, probably dead. Hamill is going nuts, pounding his chest and jumping around the cage.

Hamill Wins by 1st Rd KO

-Interview with Frank Mir about his knee injury. Fight with Lesnar will be July 11 at UFC 100. Rashad Evans will defend the Light Heavyweight Title at UFC 98 against either Rampage or Machida. Good news for all the fans who already bought tickets.

Pete Sell vs Matt Brown
-Brown looks like he just threw up backstage.
-Rogan refers to New Yorker Sell as "The Biggest Accent in MMA".

Round 1
A nice head kick by Brown to open things up. Superman punch by Brown. Head kick by Brown followed by a combo. Sell is hurt. More punches landing for Brown. Referee steps in for a second but then decides to let it keep going. Brown rocks Sell again. He's down and Brown is landing hard punches. Sell gets back to his feet somehow. Brown landing knees from the clinch. This is getting ugly. Brown is yelling at Yves Lavigne to stop it. Brown is very upset. Sell falls down after another head kick and Brown lands a couple more shots before it's finally stopped.

Brown Wins by 1st Round TKO

-That was an odd one. Lavigne literally stepped in then changed his mind. At the end, Brown was hitting Sell then yelling at Lavigne then he'd go back to hitting Sell again.

-Junie Browning shown in the seats with some gross looking chick next to him. Hopefully he doesn't know her.

Gabriel Gonzaga vs Shane Carwin
-Gonzaga enters to "Mother". On the way to the cage, he hits a security guard in the head while attempting to slap a fan's hand.

Round 1
Gonzaga lands a big right hand. Another strike lands. Gonzaga grabs hold and takes Carwin down. Gonzaga working for the pass. Carwin gets back up. A right lands for Gonzaga. Carwin counters with a short right that drops Gonzaga. It's over.

Carwin Wins by 1st Round KO

-Carwin deserves lots of credit for this win. He got hit hard and was in trouble early. Even at the end, he got hit with a right that hurts most fighters. I'm more impressed with his chin than anything else.

Rampage Jackson vs Keith Jardine
-Rashad Evans joins Rogan and Goldberg for the main event. He talks directly into the camera. It's creepy.
-Rampage looks pretty serious walking to the cage.
-According to Evans, Rampage wants to get Jardine to throw so he can counter. That would lead me to believe the gameplan for Jardine would be to make Rampage chase him. Same thing Evans did to Liddell.
-Awesome sign in the stands "The Dean of Mean Will Be Creamed".

Round 1
Early tie-up. Referee breaks them up. Jardine lands a leg kick. Jab by Rampage. Another tie-up. Neither can get the better of the other. Rampage throwing light uppercuts in close. They break free. Jardine lands a right over the top. Rampage partially connects with a right. An uppercut lands for Rampage. A right then a left connects for Rampage. RNN Scores it 10-9 Jackson.

Round 2
Jardine dancing around like a crab to start the second. A leg kick lands for Rampage. Body kick by Jardine. Leg kick by Jardine. A right lands then a big left drops Jardine. Rampage immediately on top throwing bombs. Jardine recovers and gets back up. Rampage gets a very nice takedown. Jardine up quickly. Jardine lands a right. Low blow by Jardine. An uppercit hurts Rampage. Jardine on the attack. He's landing. Rampage is wobbly. He's throwing back and weathers the storm. A left connects for Rampage. Now he's on the attack. Great round. RNN Scores it 10-9 Jackson.

Round 3
Takedown by Rampage, but Jardine gets up without much trouble. Leg kick by Jardine. Another leg kick. Another. Left-right combo by Rampage. A nice right lands for Jardine. Rampage narrowly misses a big left. A left lands for Rampage, as a leg kick lands for Jardine. Rampage lands a solid left. Jardine goes for a takedown, but Rampage defends it. Rampage has him pressed against the cage. Referee breaks them up. A right hand lands for Rampage. Another right and a left hurts Jardine. Jardine comes back with a right. Rampage swats a Jardine punch out of the way then follows it with a right then a big left that drops him with seconds remaining. Jardine holding onto Rampage as the bell sounds. RNN Scores it 10-9 Jackson

Jackson Wins by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

-"I won't call him 'Sardine' no more." - Rampage

-Rampage and Evans have a staredown after the fight. Both talking back and forth. Evans was definitely angry at the end. It almost seemed like he was gonna throw a punch. He was probably just upset about his boyfriend losing.

-That was a surprisingly entertaining fight. It was a slow Round 1, followed by two great rounds. For the first time in the UFC, we saw someone stagger Rampage. Jardine also proved his chin is a lot better than anyone thought. He took some huge shots and kept coming. Gotta give both credit.


Goldie said...

Vera is back!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a weak ppv. Who pays for cards like this?

Anonymous said...

Hamill by head kick? wtf?

Blackhawk said...

Hamil - wow
Brown - odd and double wow

The build up to Rampage vs Jardine is much better than I expected. This has turned out to be an exciting night of fights so far.

Blackhawk said...

Someone needs to inform Rashad that you can't be a homer when you call the fight.

chappyd said...

rashad loves jardine. he'd makeout with him if he asked.

Anonymous said...

I think Rashad Evans should be a heavy favorite over Rampage. It also seems that Carwin is a serious title contender, though I doubt they give him a shot anytime soon.

Chris said...

Am I the only one that watches the ads during a pay per view,

They started advertising the rampage Rashad fight well before the fight was even called. Someone needs their ass fired for letting that one slip by.

Ruined most of the fight for me until Jardine came with the nice combo in the second