Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There Will Be Blood

Strikeforce will get the Affliction treatment when they make their 2009 debut on April 11th. UFC 94 will go head to head with it. I guess this means Strikeforce has arrived as a true contender to the UFC's crown. If this is their response to a Showtime card, I'd hate to see what they pull out for a Strikeforce PPV.

Competition is good for the sport as a whole. The UFC really ramped up their events after Affliction debuted last summer. It seemed to light a fire within the promotion and led to stacked PPVs like UFC 92 and 94. Hopefully Strikeforce can continue to make money and remain viable. I'm dubious about Affliction's chances of surviving after their third card, so the MMA world needs a new promotion for Dana White to obsess over.

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