Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sylvia/Mercer Moved to Alabama

It's pretty bad when the only place you can stage a fight is Alabama. According to the article, they don't even have a regulatory body. Another thing to consider is the fight will be June 13th, which makes it almost impossible to imagine a scenario where Sylvia could fight on the proposed July 11th Affliction card. Somehow I think Affliction is happy about this. Sylvia's enormous salary and lack of drawing power isn't exactly the deadly promotional combo Affliction (or any MMA company) needs right now. It would be funny if we find out later Affliction lobbied the New Jersey State Athletic Commission to cancel the bout just so they didn't have to put Sylvia on their third card.

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chap said...

how the mighty have fallen. sylvia used to be known as the world champ. now hes fighting mercer in alafrigginbama.