Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sylvia/Mercer Canceled

The New Jersey State Athletic Commission has canceled Tim Sylvia's boxing debut against forty-seven year old Ray Mercer (At what age does the "____ year old" tag begin? It definitely was used on Randy Couture when he was 43, but I can't remember ever hearing it before that. I guess it depends on the context. For instance, it would be a little strange to say, "41 year old receptionist Karen Davis is performing better than ever." But with a 41 year old fighter it would make perfect sense.).

According to MMAWeekly, they did not give a reason. I guess they didn't want to sanction a boxing match between a 6'8 fat guy and a rotting corpse. My original goal was to use a Frankenstein joke in this post, but as I started typing I said to myself, "Wait, who would be the target?"

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