Thursday, March 5, 2009

Santos vs Not Carano

Strikeforce must be finding it difficult to negotiate with Pepsi Carano because instead of the fight every MMA fan wants to see, they're giving us Cyborg Santos vs Hitomi Akano. I'm sure it will be an exciting fight (anytime Santos fights it is). It just isn't what we really want. It's like getting a pogo stick for Christmas when you asked for a bike.

The latest rumor is Carana will make her Strikeforce debut in May against someone not named Santos. This sounds a lot like the EliteXC "PPV Plan" to me. Rather than putting on the fight everyone wants, they're going to hold it back for a PPV. Personally, I think it's the wrong move. The reason the UFC rose to such heights is because they make their biggest names fight other big names. BJ Penn vs Georges St-Pierre is a perfect example. Even though one of them had to lose, the fight made St-Pierre a bigger star. You gotta take the losses with the wins. Maybe Carano loses and some of her shine wears off, but at the same time you built up Santos. Now she is the clear number one female fighter in the world and you go from there. It's not a bad thing for a wildly popular fighter to lose because the other guy/girl won. Simple as that.


Landon Tucker said...

Other than a fight between Santos and Carano, I don't want to watch WMMA.

haroldh said...

They need to build up other fighters to. Womens fights are exciting mostly. Put some of em on where people can see them.