Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rampage's Finances

I've heard a lot of reasons why Rampage should or should not take the fight with Evans at UFC 98, but everyone has missed something. If Rampage turns down the fight, he's looking at an extended vacation. The absolute earliest he would get a title shot would probably be in September. This would mean six months off at the very least.

This has nothing to do with cage rust and everything to do with money. Fighters do not get paid a salary. They are paid to fight. Does Rampage want to wait half a year or longer for another lump sum of cash? He also might find himself in a less lucrative position, if Machida wins. Rampage/Evans is a huge bout, which will draw a large PPV audience. UFC 98 also sports a solid card. It's tough to walk away from that sort of thing, especially with the uncertain economy. Maybe six months from now the UFC's deal with the devil expires and the PPV numbers level off. Rampage's decision to wait could end up costing him a lot of money. And in the end, it always comes down to the cash.


Anonymous said...

Fighting in May would have him back in Dec or Jan for the big events.

I say he takes the fight.

Mars said...

some places say rampage injured his hand and he'll be passing the opportunity to machida... anyway, any of those fights would be interesting.