Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Penn Files Formal Complaint

BJ Penn has filed a formal complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. We all knew this coming, but the details are pretty great. For anyone who isn't into legal wrangling, the idea with a document like this is to shoot very high. It's a negotiation, basically. If you want five apples, you begin by asking for eight. Penn's legal team does not expect to get most of these requests. They probably don't even hope to get any of them. Their goal is simply to keep the pressure on the NSAC to consider the matter seriously.

"The aforementioned strategies were intentional and were orchestrated by St-Pierre."
-This is a big one. They are taking aim at St-Pierre, as well as his corner.

"[St-Pierre] ingested a substance that would cause his body to become highly and unnaturally slippery during the bout."
-Little chance this item goes anywhere. The NSAC cannot rule on hypotheticals. Unless there is direct evidence, which there won't be, this is merely an "Apples" item. It should be mentioned it is not uncommon to hear stories of fighters who go to extreme lengths to make their body slippery with baths and by ingesting substances. I'm not saying St-Pierre did it, but it does happen.

He wants the following done: $250,000 fine, Suspension of St-Pierre's license, Suspension of Greg Jackson's license, Suspension of Phil Nurse's license, Fight ruled a "No Contest", and Require St-Pierre to take showers before all his future bouts.
-I bet the last item was added late. It definitely has a BJ Penn, "Oh, hey, add this one more theeeeeng" feel to it.


Mars said...

Bj, get over it, there's no way any of that shit will happen. Move on, stop stalling Florian, act like a champion if you are one for fuck sake.

Anonymous said...

I used to respect BJ - now he's just acting like a whinny little kid.
I hope Florian destroys BJ.

Anonymous said...

BJ really needs to let this go, and Rear Naked News should stop hugging his nuts. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

how can rear naked news hug penns nuts with rampages whole dick in their mouth

Fred said...

BJ had no honour. He's a major suck hole now. His days are done. He should drop dead.

Anonymous said...

This is the saddest shit i've ever heard... Insisting that GSP shower before each fight sounds like something so ignorant only Penn would say it...He's not acting like a champ, and as soon as he puts the box of twinkies down long enough to scrap, Kenflo is gonna take his championship. And when he busts BJ 'The Hawaiian Pizza"s nose open, gravy is gonna come out...