Monday, March 30, 2009

Never Believe A Brazilian

A lot has been made about this cryptic post over at CagePotato. Fightlinker got so carried away, they even charted out the rest of Anderson Silva's MMA career. I have a fundamental problem with the initial report, though. It likely came from the mouth of a Brazilian. The only thing less reliable than a Brazilian is Tom Atencio. I think it's a translation problem between promoters and the fighters. Here is how I think it happens...

Joe Silva leaves a voicemail - "Hey, Demian. It's Joe Silva from the UFC. I wanted to let you know we are exploring different possibilities for your next fight. Maybe Nate Marquardt or even Anderson Silva. I'm not sure when exactly, but UFC 102 in August is a possibility. Good luck, pal! I'll let you know when something is more definite."

Demain Maia talks to groupies - "Maybe Anderson in August."

Groupie talks to CP - "Anderson Silva in August!!!"

Internet goes apeshit.

This isn't to say it won't happen. Logically it kinda makes sense. Following Silva's destruction of Leites, he can either sit out until the latter half of 2009 and wait for Bisping/Henderson or he can take on someone else in late summer then deal with the TUF fallout. Of course that puts Yushin Okami and Nate Marquardt totally out of the picture. My problem is it came from the mouth of a Brazilian and until proven otherwise, I choose to disregard everything they say about potential match-ups.

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