Sunday, March 8, 2009

UFC 96 Gifs


Anonymous said...

Did Munoz die?

Anonymous said...

Admit it, writer of this blog, Matt Hamill is starting to grow on you.

Rear Naked said...

If Hamill beats someone who isn't a one dimensional wrestler, I'll jump on the bandwagon.

Munoz was overrated. People bought into his connection with Faber and forgot about his total lack of striking skills.

I do love Hamill's post-fight interviews, though.

"Ham-ill Expwess Baabeee!"

essential said...

I must be a dickhead. You know, I love everybody, minus the dictatos, oppresors, and con artists. Black, white, muslim, hindu; doesn't matter.

However...I always laugh when I hear a deaf person speak.

Not because they're deaf, not because I'm insecure about myself and need to insult others to feel better.

Because it sounds funny!

Seriously, Hamil needs to let someone else speak for him. Unless of course he would rather be laughed at and stared at blankly due to ack of comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Responding to Rear Naked:

He beat Michael Bisping. If that fight was fought anywhere outside the UK, Hamill gets the decision.