Monday, March 2, 2009

Bobby Lashley vs Ken Shamrock

For a mummy, Ken Shamrock sure is active. Coming off a pathetic bout against Ross Clifton, Shamrock will next face former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley on March 21st at Roy Jones Jr.'s hybrid Boxing/MMA event "March Badness". Awesome name by the way.

Other than the name, the event sounds awful. Roy Jones Jr. vs Omar Sheika? Even in 2001, that's a tough main event to sell. The promoters probably think Lashley will add some WWE carryover, but I'd bet my life they are wrong. Lashley was never as big of a pro wrestling star as Brock Lesnar, so interest in his MMA career isn't as high. The other reason it will not drum up PPV buys is because pro wrestling fans do not care at all about Jones/Sheika. You have to give them a little something of interest before they'll pay $29.99 to see Lashley break Shamrock in half.

I think hybrid events can work in rare situations. You need a big fight from each sport. This way you draw independently from both fan bases, as well as from the mainstream crowd who wants to see an "event". I still don't believe MMA fans are gonna buy a PPV to see a major boxing match and lesser MMA fights. The event needs a legitimate main event they would want to see on its own. De La Hoya vs Mayweather and Fedor vs Barnett would be a perfect example of a hybrid event that would work. The problem is you would need the event to draw enough money to be split between multiple partners. Does placing those two fights on the same card make the PPV twice as popular? That's the question it comes down to. In my humble opinion, this scenario would work, but most others never will.

Hopefully a horrible event like "March Badness" will open up some eyes and soften the hard-on boxing promoters have for hybrid cards.

(By the way...Wouldn't it be awesome if just as the fight was about to start a giant cage was lowered from the rafters and you heard Jim Ross on the PA system say, "Good God Almighty!! It's Hell in a Cell!!!"? I'd much rather see that.)


Anonymous said...

Even though Ken is one of the originals and one agreat fighter back in his day, he should retire before this fight, then he can say he went on a win, even if it was over Ross. Would love to see the old Ken shamrock though.

haroldh said...

Id watch if it was free.

Anonymous said...

Cultural observation:

USA MMA fans don't like to see their heros gradually crumble into pieces of shell on the ground, where they will inevitably not be able to humanly function at age 50. This is sad, and very hard for someone to accept if fighting is all they know.

JAPANESE MMA fans like to see their heros carried out on their shield. If Ken Shamrock is a mummy, then Sakuraba is King Tut. I swear, you look into Sakuraba's eyes and its like auto-pilot/ lizard-brain/functional amnesia in that melon.

I think the Japanese are waiting for Sakuraba's head to just fall of his neck in the middle of a fight so they can cast it in titanium, cover it in diamonds, and hang it like a disco ball at every DREAM event from then on.

If the US came even close to that, well, some serious bribes would have to be doled out; like when Rampage received a "wrist-slap" for manslaughter. You KNOW palms were greased over that debacle.

chappyd said...

thats the best comment in awhile