Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All Refs Have Bad Nights

3:10 is a good time to start. Maybe those tight sweatpants restricted the blood flow to Big John McCarthy's brain and caused him to miss the first five seconds of intense tapping.


Anonymous said...

I remember this. This was a tournament, and I believe in Royce's next fight that night the ref had to wrestle him off the other fighter, who had been tapping for a good five or ten seconds. Can you pull this video as well, Rear Naked?

Also, didn't Dan Miragliotta once poke a fighter in the eye seconds before a fight?

Rear Naked said...

It's probably in here. Pretty much all his fights ended with the referee having to pull him off.

Anonymous said...

I watched this on an episode of UFC unleashed. They played the Royce Gracie fights from the first 4 UFC matches.

Royce fought Ken Shamrock, and released after Shamrock tapped four times. Then it looked like Shamrock tried to claim he wasn't tapping, and Royce was pissed.

After that, he pretty much broke everything he could, and ignored tapping.

Those early UFC fights are kinda sick. They had the one where Royce grabbed the other guy's hair to keep him from mounting. Eventually, it ripped free. Nasty.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that was the tounament I was thinking of, Anonymous poster #2. I think Royce's unresponsiveness provoked the other fighter's corner to storm the cage, resulting in a much larger fight.

But I could be wrong.

Chris said...

To be fair at 3:10 we had the camera angle, where mcarthy was probably watching the armbar and not the fighter.

That is why there are verbal tapouts.

Anonymous said...


Nice attempt at covering for him.

Chris said...

Do you know what I'm saying though?

Ref is there to make sure that he's not breaking rules, like using the gloves for grip or manipulating the fingers to cause pain.

Most guys aren't able to secure a good armbar while up in the air like that so mccarthy probably wasn't thinking the guy was ready to tap until he hit the ground.

I'm not Mccarthy, and this is an older fight but the points stand.

Rear Naked said...

Early UFC was very chaotic. No one knew much about submissions then. The announcers were especially clueless. It's funny now to hear them saying stuff like, "That's called guard."

McCarthy still should have seen the tapping a lot sooner. He was in bad position and that's his fault. At least he got better over the years and didn't stay retarded like Miragliotta.