Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Affliction vs UFC 100

In what might possibly be the dumbest idea since Coke II, Affliction is thinking about going head to head with UFC 100 on July 11. Before I bash the hell out of this thing, let me give you the information. This is all via Sam Caplan at 5 Ounces, so there is definitely a grain of truth to it. Affliction is in preliminary discussions to hold an event on July 11 and broadcast it for free on TV. According to the article they want to "go out with a bang". They also want to get their fighters to agree to reduced salaries for the final show because it will not be on PPV. I'm sure that last part will go over real well.

The obvious questions...

Why would a network agree to a one event deal with a promotion who is going out of business and then place it against UFC 100?

Why would any fighter agree to a reduced salary when they already have a contract in place?

I actually thought Affliction was a serious threat to the UFC?

Now you can see why Dana White referred to them as the "t-shirt guys". They have zero idea how to market and produce an MMA show. Their main goal is to advertise their ugly shirts and that fits right in line with a final event on TV. Get as many eyes on the brand as possible before the whole thing falls apart.

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