Saturday, March 21, 2009

Affliction Really Is That Dumb

When I posted about the possibility of Affliction's third event going head to head with UFC 100 on July 11, I never took it too seriously. I figured it was a case of someone at Affliction mentioning to Sam Caplan that they were looking into all dates in July. This led Caplan to determined that going up against UFC 100 was a possibility. Well, things just got a bit more interesting.

Now MMAWeekly is reporting the exact same thing with some more details. The biggest is that Fedor and Josh Barnett will be on the card, but not against each other. Apparently this is because the card will on free TV, so they can't afford to pay them to face each other. I don't buy this at all. It's not like their salaries will go down drastically, if they don't face each other. They're still both on the card. It doesn't make sense.

The other odd thing? Tim Sylvia is reportedly going to fight too. Yes, Sylvia and his insane salary will on the card. For a company trying to save money, they sure are going about it in an odd way.

As usual, it's a mess when Affliction is involved.

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