Friday, March 20, 2009

Affliction Nonsense

As usual, it's impossible to get any sort of concrete information out of Affliction. With all their problems, I think one of the biggest has been communication. For whatever reasons, Affliction has not made it a high priority to get information out to the fans. MMA fans are almost totally reliant on the Internet for news about the sport. This makes them very unforgiving because they expect information available immediately. It's not a newspaper reading crowd. Instead of feeding a constant stream of news to Internet sources, Affliction is almost always left standing around. They arrive on the scene after a story breaks and either say, "Yes, it's true" or "No, it's false". This is not a good strategy.

The latest example of Affliction's inability to communicate comes from Ariel Helwani at Versus. He talked with Affliction COO Michael Cohen, who did the usual double-speak routine.

On the possibility of a July 11th card going head to head with UFC 100...."We are exploring several different dates including that July 11th date...I don’t think we are ever looking to go up against the UFC or anyone for that matter."

Does he even realize what he's saying? Later he went on to say, "I'd never strangle an Asian prostitute...Tonight I might go down to the massage parlor and kill a whore."

On Day of Reckoning's PPV buys...."somewhere in the neighborhood 200,000." As Helwani points out, that would make it the most successful non-UFC MMA event ever. Don't you think we would have heard more about the numbers sooner? I mean, it happened in January.

So there's your dose of Affliction nonsense for the day.

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