Monday, March 16, 2009

Affliction in June?

According to the always unreliable Vadim Finkelchtein, Affliction will hold their third event in June. He also shoots down the Fedor/UFC meeting that was supposed to take place. Apparently it was a mistranslation. It sounds like what Fedor really said was, "Yo, let me get done with this three fight Affliction deal in June, then maybe I can negotiate with the UFC." I think it is much more likely Fedor's next stop after the Affliction Death Tour is with DREAM. It's a better fit because his managers can hold DREAM for ransom. With the UFC, Fedor doesn't have as much leverage. The UFC might be better off without Fedor. Wherever he goes, the promotion ends up dying. I suspect Rasputin is involved somehow.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I've grown tired of waiting on Fedor too. His psychology of trying to lure the UFC into letting him come in has gotten old. I'm personally much more excited about watching Cain Valesquez and Shane Carwin develop as fighters--esp. Cain who looks to have a bright future. Maybe in another two or three years after Cain has developed more and is the heavyweight champion, than we can see him and Fedor fight.

Kim said...

The UFC is afraid of Feedor because he's literally in another league of his own and would totally embarrass them. Joe Rogan has gone on record telling the Fight network that Dana has said this.

Anonymous said...

I agree. dana is wasting the ufc and Fedor would bring dana to his bitch ass knees