Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Which Is Worse?

UFC 95 or 96?

UFC 95 features a decent card headlined by Sanchez/Stevenson. UFC 96 has the lineup from hell and a solid main event, mostly because it'll be fun to root for Jardine to screw up the Light Heavyweight title picture. I'm leaning towards UFC 96 being worse for a few reasons.

1. At least UFC 95 is on Spike. You actually gotta pay to see UFC 96. If they do over 225K PPV Buys, Dana White's new title should be "Genius". Seriously, who is gonna buy this?

2. Matt Hamill, Brandon Vera, and Gray Maynard on the same card. They should hook up a live feed to Karo Parisyan during the broadcast. I guarantee he can't take two out of three of his painkillers and get through the show without falling asleep.

3. UFC 95 has Demian Maia. UFC 96 has Gabriel Gonzaga. Even Gonzaga's parents would rather watch Maia.

If I lived in Columbus, I'd leave the area a week prior just so people wouldn't associate me with it.


Anonymous said...

UFC 96 by far

Landon Tucker said...

This is one of the funniest posts you've had in a long time. Classic.

UFC 96 definitely blows.

TK said...

I wouldn't pay for either, but I don't think 96 is that bad. Shane Carwin is finally being tested with Gonzaga. You're not excited to see if he's really the big deal we hear he is? If he beats Gonzaga convincingly, he lines himself up for a title shot (in the UFC's thin heavyweight division). Rampage/Jardine will be cool for the reason you already stated and watching Jim Miller take out the incredibly boring Gray Maynard is worth a trip to your local Hooters or Buffalo Wild Wings to catch the fights. Yes, few will actually pay for it, but it's not that bad a card.

haroldh said...

95 looks great compared to 96. The injuries for 96 killed it. It would have been a good event.

Anonymous said...

u move maia vs. sonnen over to 96 and it becomes the better card.