Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welterweight Is the Weakest Division

I was about to make a post about how idiotic it was for people to refer to Josh Koscheck as a "Top Five Welterweight" then I had a moment of clarity. It's the weakest weight class in MMA and he actually is (was) in the Top 5. In no particular order after GSP, you have Thiago Alves, Jake Shields, and Jon Fitch. After them you're left with Matt Hughes, Koscheck, Carlos Condit, and Mike Swick for the fifth spot. BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez are not apart of the conversation.

To give you an idea of how the Welterweights compare to other divisions, here are some names from the top of the Middleweight division: Anderson Silva, Gegard Mousasi, Dan Henderson, Robbie Lawler, Yushin Okami, Demian Maia, Nate Marquardt, Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort, Ronaldo Souza, and Jorge Santiago. And that's just some of them. I could also mention about 5-7 more.

When did this happen? Even the awful Heavyweight division is deeper with Fedor, Lesnar, Mir, Couture, Nogueira, Barnett, Overeem, Velasquez, and Gonzaga.


Anonymous said...

Joe Rogan: "Remember when I used to make out with Koscheck under the bleachers
in high school? He has really improved his lip lock since then."

Poor Koscheck. He looked really good up until that point. Maybe he should have taken
the guy down and done some ground and pound. It seems like he's trying so hard to
prove to people that his stand up is so good now that he doesn't even need his
wresting anymore. He just needs to get some consecutive wins no matter how he has
to do it.

Anonymous said...

That's not an argument. It's just a statement over a sentence and a half with nothing to back it.

If you look at most Pound-4-pound rankings on MMA or sports websites, you'll notice that the 170 and 205 divisions are the 2 divisions with the most picks. If it's P4P a stacked division, clearly it's not a weak division. Maybe look at other divisions with only 1 fighter in P4P rankings as weak (155, 185, HeavyWeight, etc.).

Guys like Diego Sanchez fled the 170 division because they know it's too stacked (he went to 155). Others try to get in the 170 and get destroyed, see BJ Penn throwing the towel.

Note: I think you're putting Jake Shields on a pedestal. His standup is awful. His only move is to armbar people. Let him tango with a couple of UFC guys before we call him top 5 WW. Elite XC is not a reference.

Anonymous said...

weakest division in the ufc? I beg to differ. In fact, id say it's the most stacked, second only to the light heavyweight division, in the UFC of course. The weakest, is probably the Middleweight division, the only people worth mentioning are Anderson Silva (NO SHIT, RIGHT?) and Damian Maia. The rest fuckin suck and have already been destroyed by Silva. Why is it that Silva's only losses are outside the octagon? It's a joke to say Silva's been facing top competition, when he clearly hasn't.